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     Week ending 6th Sept 2013
It has been a good but short week and already we've had tests and writing pieces. We are all enjoying class six very much and we feel happy and like we fit in. Mr Brigg is an amazing teacher and we are all hoping to get along as a class and have a great year.

We all feel that we have had a big step up from year 5 to year 6 but we're still enjoying it. We�re all a manager for something such as dance managers and academic managers. We also have a couple of jobs that have to be done but different people do them each week.

As it is only the first short week back we haven't quite got the hang of it yet but we are looking forward to spending more time in year 6 and learning.


Week ending 13th Sept 2013
This week we had lots of fun. First of all we went swimming at Bloxam school where we were put into groups. Then we worked on our fitness. The next day we had a practice maths test for our sats.

          After at 2.00 o clock we did an exciting games session we had a choice of Tag rugby , Netball or Hockey. On Wednesday we had a science test - it was difficult. On Thursday we did a reading test about a boy that went to live in a tree house in his garden and many people sent him letter’s asking him lots of different questions.

In the afternoon we had French and music. In French we were learning sentences with I have and I don’t have. Then in music we were looking at videos with didgeridoos in. Then on Friday we had circle time and we played lots of games. After that we finished off our Australia work. After break we did our times tables and spellings. Finally we ended the day with R.E.
Toby and Richard.


Week ending 20th Sept 2013
We started off the week by doing our spelling practice [the most commonly miss-spelt words and complex words] after that we had a class assembly. The theme was friendship. We had two maths sessions, one session was about multiplication facts and division facts and session two was a mental maths base

Week ending 20th Sept 2013/ cont
Then we had a VCOP time [planning for the big write], our topic was 'Imagine you could invite three people famous to dinner who would they be and why?'. We also do swimming every Monday afternoon at Bloxham private school.

On Wednesday in assembly Hannah played her cornet and Molly & Holly did a dance. They all got head teacher awards for being so good. Then we started some Aboriginal work.

Aboriginals were the first people to see Australia 40 - 50,000 years ago. The first European settlers came and spread the flu and cold which killed many Aboriginal because their bodies didn't know how to fight it.
BY Molly and Charlie.           


Week ending 27th Sept 2013
This week has been a jam packed week we have had the harvest festival, swimming and loads of Australian work!

On Monday we had swimming which was really fun we learned how to jump off the diving board which was really funny because I accidentally fell in!!! Also that day we had threw big write which was about baa baa black sheep and the question was what did the little boy do with the wool? There were some awesome answers. Also we learnt how to do fractions, nearly every one moaned but in the end it turned out to be fun!

On Tuesday we started doing biographies on each other and wrote about each other's lives and stuff. In the afternoon we had games - in games we could either tag rugby, netball and hockey, which was good... on Thursday it was sooo fun we had harvest festival there was so much to do we had to sort all the food into boxes and all the food is going to the Banbury food bank!

On Friday we had test hour and circle time in the woods which was awesome. So overall this week was really good fun!
By Ellie   


     Week ending 4th Oct 2013
It has been an exciting week in Dr Radcliffe's, Year 6. Some children from class 6 went to an academic challenge at St Edwards School to do some educational activities; also our school got a lot of new sports equipment. Year 6 sports council have organized a more fun way to play on the playground.

The book fair has been very successful this week and lots of books have been sold. On Monday some of year 6 were practising lifesaving skills in the swimming pool but because so many people were away we will do it again this Monday. Many people loved swimming but next week they are going to have to stay serious because there is a swimming test for some people.

The Christmas play parts have been cast! It will be our first rehearsal today, everyone is looking forward to the Snow Queen performance. The winning house this week is Cherwell then Windrush in a close second and Isis and Evenlode joint third.

This week in our music lesson we have been decorating our bull roarers which are aboriginal instruments. Make sure you look at our classes biographies on our website.
By Hannah and Ruben


Week ending 11th Oct 2013
On Monday firstly we started the day with writing down our spellings; they had to follow the rule of doubling the last consonant and adding ing or ed on the end. Then we did the VCOP for the 'Big Write', it was about our favourite poems!!! Personally I found this talk homework great fun!

On Tuesday we began by practising our spellings. Next we prepared for assembly Windrush finally won house points1! At 10 a.m. the sport council started to prepare for the year 3 and 4 football tournament. It lasted till 12 o'clock we all had great fun unfortunately Dr Radcliffe's came 3rd with 13 goals!!!!!


     Week ending 11th Oct 2013/ cont
On Wednesday we started the day with spelling practice we use different techniques to practice them, writing them in different colours this is called rainbow practice!! Except we did do a full reading through of the Snow Queen, this is going to be our Christmas play!! Mr Brigg is amazing at directing and excellent at giving us constructive criticism. Which is good, don't worry!

On Thursday we had school photos. A photographer came in especially and we all had our picture taken, also siblings had their photos taken together. In the afternoon sport leaders yet again prepared for a football tournament, although this time they were in their houses against each other.

Today we had circle time everybody in class six finds this lesson fun and exciting! We play different games and talk about a theme. This week it was constructive criticism and praise.           Next we have test hour when we put all our hard work of learning our spellings and mental maths into a test we also have maths sheets from level B to E! If we have earned one hundred class points we get Friday Film club, which we got!! I am sure everyone is looking forward to next week!

Interesting things we have learnt this week:

    Doubling the last consonant before adding 'ed' and 'ing'.
    We all wrote extra verses for the poem 'Cargoes' by John Masefield.
    We learnt how to create our own pie charts and how to calculate the different angles.
    The parts of a flower and their different jobs.
    Mr Brigg reminded us again about how day and night occur and how we get the seasons of the year - I'm still not sure everyone is clear about this!!!

Don't forget to pop in and see our biography writing and our Aboriginal Art displays!!
By Holly and Lucas (Year 6)


     Week ending 18th Oct 2013
This week has been a really good week Mr Brigg showed how to use a thesaurus, and an online thesaurus and one very funny moment came when we tried to find another word for spoon and it came up with canoodle!!!

later on that day, we did swimming Amanda�s group did life saving for the first time it was so cool!

On Wednesday we had a governor monitoring morning at school they were finding out about how English is taught in our school, we thought it went really well as we were learning about metaphors in poems. And also Reverend Marcus taught us a really funny song about loving Jesus with lots of actions in it, everyone loved it even the teachers joined in!

On Thursday four children in our class were chosen to take part in an RE workshop with children from mother schools all about what we thought happened to people after they died - it was very interesting and there was even a funeral director there to talk to us!
On Friday afternoon there was tag rugby tournament held by Warriner, find out in next week's blog how the rugby tournament went on!

By Ellie and Harvey & Ruben (with some help from Mr Brigg)


Week ending 25th Oct 2013
In this busy week we had a lot that went on in the school as well as in class 6. We started the week by doing the Big Write which was about what we enjoy, what we don't like and could improve on the playground. Then in the afternoon we went swimming in Bloxham school swimming pool, the last one of the term.

On Tuesday our games/P.E was moved into the school hall to play a game of dodge ball, which everyone enjoyed. But before this excitement we did maths in which we covered long multiplication.

The next day we started our D.T (design and technology) which was our mechanical robots with moving wheels and spinning heads. The next day we did French and Music with Mrs. Britton and Mrs. Stansfeld.


     Week ending 25th Oct 2013/ cont
On the last day of the week we had to unfortunately say goodbye to Mrs.Street who had worked in the school for ten years and has been a T.A (teaching assistant) in year two then moving to class six to then to follow to the school office, as she was most well known for throughout the school . She was very good at all she did, she was good at phoning and counting so the next person needs to be a very high standard to make any improvement to the school. But now it's the end of term and we are all off for a week. Hurrah!!

P.S We won last week's Tag Rugby Tournament !

Week ending 8th Nov 2013

Monday 4th November 2013
Welcome back class 6!! We all had an excellent half term, but we know that we are going to have an even better school term! The start to the week was a challenge as we were straight into assessments. We started by doing Reading test A then straight after that we did our first maths test. At the end of the day we were all tired and ready to go home but we knew this week was going to bring a lot of challenges!!           It was our final swimming session this afternoon.


Tuesday 5TH November 2013
The second day of term 2 and we were positive already. But what we hadn’t realised was the amount of assessments that were waiting for us. The assessments were: Writing test A and maths test B. The day went in no time at all and it was the end of the day before we knew it.


Wednesday 6TH November 2013
We reached the half way mark of the week but that didn’t mean that the work had finished. It was a very HARD day of assessments as we had Writing Test B, and Maths Test A marking!


Thursday 7th November 2013
We started our day by doing a Grammar and Punctuation workshop so we were ready for the test tomorrow. The next thing we did was Maths groups after break until 12:00pm. And finally we ended the day with French and music.

Friday 8th November 2013

We started our final day of the week we had basic skills maths and after break wehad grammar and punctuation test which was quite easy for some of the people.     

     Week ending 8th Nov 2013/ cont
Friday 8th November 2013
We had a mini spelling test after the grammar and punctuation test. In the afternoon we are rehearsed our Christmas production which is called "Snow Queen".

Prabir & Rebekah

Week ending 15th Nov 2013
This week we started our art week, also we had our top 30 spelling, the time tables we had were 3,7, and the 9 times tables. We did a maths warm up and it was to do with calculating the areas of squares from given perimeters. We also did our big write it was to do with a scene of the world war one. As the day came to an end we did robot building designs, also we did the snow queen rehearsal.

We have been doing a lot of art task this week such as robot designs and covers, coil pots, charcoal pictures and t-shirt designs. We did French and music. Then on Friday we did a whole morning Shakespeare workshop to do with Romeo and Juliet. Also 10 children went out to the Warriner partnership for the tag rugby finals.           Week ending 22nd Nov 2013
This week we have had an interesting week...

On Tuesday there was a swimming gala, in which; Richard Churchill, Jemima Brooke-Little, Hannah Hodges, Jack Tosh, James Marshall, Molly Day and Harvey Machin which the boys came sixth out of nine schools and the girls came third out of nine.

On Thursday the boys and girls of years 1-6 had a cross country and did well. Year 5 and six came second meaning there through to the next round, also 1 and 2 came second and year 3 and 4 came first.

This Friday it was pyjama day and everyone had come in pyjamas or won zees. People have brought in one pound for children in need.

By Tom R and Jack S

     Week ending 29th Nov 2013
This week we have been busy throughout the week we have been doing a lot of history on what happened since the year 0 by showing it on a timeline. Also we did the big write; the topic was your fantasy holiday destination which the class enjoyed. On most afternoons we have been doing rehearsals for The Snow Queen.

On Tuesday Father Graham came in and talked to us about Christian values. Also we did games which include tag rugby, netball and hockey. Half way through the week we did science about magnetism which everyone produced an amazing page or two of work. On Thursday afternoon it was French and music. In music we sang songs from The Snow Queen. Finally we had circle time, a test hour, R;E and then we finished off all other un-finished work.

Week ending 6th Dec 2013

This week has been full of excitement, not just Christmas coming but other things have been going on too. By Jack T and George we hope you enjoy it!           This week we have learnt how to convert top heavy fractions into mixed numbers we also learnt how to find the names of different substances by using scientific knowledge. The big write this week was about what has been the greatest invention of the last 100 years? Many people had different opinions but some did the same idea for example, some people said the World Wide Web although others thought the Television was the best.

As you may know we have been preparing our Christmas production (The Snow Queen) which will be performed on the 17th of December. We also enjoyed doing games on Tuesday. The class is also excited about the Christmas fair on Saturday 7th of December in which we are having a gift stall in our class room, all the money we raise using the gift stall goes towards fundraising for our London trip. This year we are going to see Billy Eliot, so bring your pennies!

     Week ending 13th Dec 2013
This week we have really pushed on with our production 'The Snow Queen' and it's going to be great. We had a practise inter house football tournament which was won by Evenlode.

Then watched the amazing year 1 and 2 productions. It was like the same standard of a year 5. Then we watched the year R production which was really cute.
On Thursday we visited the North Wall creation theatre in Oxford we viewed 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' which was spectacular the acting was amazing. This week in Maths we have studied percentages

By Oliver Whiting and Cooper Whitford

Week ending 20th Dec 2013
This blog is the blog of the term where we are going to sum up all of the big events that have happened during this time.

The first thing that happened was the academic challenge that 4 people went to; Jack R, Holly I, Jemima BL and James M, that was on the 4th of October.           Next it was test week, that was probably the most stressful week of the year but we made it through as we were looking forward to the week ahead because it was art week.

After that it was the swimming gala these people took part in it; James M, Harvey M, Jack T, Richard C, Rebekah R, Hannah H, Molly D and Jemima BL.

Not long after that it was the cross country that was on the 2nd of December. The boys in year 5 and 6 won! And Hannah Hodges came second out of the girls race.

Then we had the tag rugby tournament, we also won that!

Next a professional actor by the name of Richard Kidd came in to do some acting classes with us and giving us tips on how to act out our Cheltenham festival production, Romeo and Juliet.

That was shortly followed by the all juniors school trip to go to the Creation Theatre in Oxford to go and see the Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe which we all thought was amazing! That was on the 12th of December.     

     Week ending 20th Dec 2013/cont

Just the next day our nerves were reaching their highest point yet, as four days later we were going to show everyone in the school our Christmas production, The Snow Queen. The day after that was the real thing.

And last but not least the Candle Light Service on the day before we break up.

This term has been a really great.

Week ending 10th Jan 2014

This week has been a great one, jam packed with tests.
On Monday we opened the week with a piece of writing about our Christmas holiday about what we got for Christmas, this made our morning fly. After lunch we dreaded the first test of the week, personally I wasn't dreading it as I enjoy maths.
Then we had a fun P.E session. The next day we did another maths test and a science test before lunch. After lunch we marked the maths, followed by games.

          More tests followed the next day, Reading Comprehension and science B. The next day started with producing a leaflet in our writing assessment, about the environment. The day continued with French this was a very noisy lesson.
Friday was full of art which was great.
By Richard Churchill

Week ending 17th Jan 2014

This week we've had Playground inspectors in and they have seen some classes do P.E because our schools target at the moment is to get gold in P.E .We already have Gold Artsmark 3 times in a row for drama; DR.Radcliffe is one of the only schools in England to do so.

Year 5 have been ice skating this week and Harry G had to be rushed to the hospital by his dad after falling over in the Oxford ice rink (he injured his chin and covered his collar in blood).

Year 6 have improved their G S P(grammar spelling and punctuation) test by a lot after disappointing Mr.Brigg before and everybody was happy with their marks from all subjects.

     Week ending 17th Jan 2014/cont
Year 6 are currently involved in a new topic on London. Did you know that the river Thames runs through several different important towns and cities such as Henley, Sunbury, Reading, Oxford

Year 6 have also been fundraising and have nearly reached their aim but please can you help us to reach our aim by coming to the cake sale on the 31st of January.

By Charlie and Ewan.

Week ending 24th Jan 2014/cont
On Monday morning we copied down our usual spellings and times tables into our list books and then English books. After that we did our VCOP session for the Big Write with the subject of a theatre review. After the Big Write we had maths. We learnt about averages, mean, mode and median.

On Tuesday in maths we put the mode ,the median and mean into some data. Next it was whole school assembly with a theme of leadership and about the job of a leader. Then we performed our Christmas production called the Snow
          Queen to the Valentine club which was the most eventful part of the day.

On Wednesday in maths we had a revision session, followed by whole school assembly. The house points this week were won by and Windrush. Mr Brigg has been reading us a book called The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket!!! As a follow on to this we had a choice of things to do in Literacy.

On Thursday we had maths groups as normal. After lunch it was French and we had a supply teacher called Miss Ocanagill who taught us literacy.

On Friday we had Circle Time followed by test hour. If we earn 100 class points we get to have our lunch in the class room and watch a movie. This week we watched Annie. At 2:00pm a lady from the NSPPC is coming in to talk to us.

By Molly Day and Harry Godwin

     Week ending 31st Jan 2014
If you are reading this weekly blog you are probably thinking this week is just going to be one of those weeks well think again.

We started this exciting week with the usual class assembly and some maths. We prepared for the big write (VCOP). In the afternoon we made a website followed by P.E.

The next day we had a literacy session about letter writing (because Mr Brigg thought we couldn't), after that we did games but because of England's beautiful weather (not) it got called off. But Thursday on the other hand was quite exiting. Mrs Britton has finally come back from her knee surgery. Mrs Roberts did some exciting hockey practise.

But if you are probably wondering what all the talk is about cakes then listen now because Year 6 are having a CAKE SALE!!! Today at 3pm to raise funds towards our London Trip. But this is where we end; hope you have a spectacular day thank you bye.

By Ruben Hammond and Richard Churchill.           Week ending 7th Feb 2014
This week year 6 have had a week to remember!!

On Wednesday three children from each class starting from year 3 thoroughly enjoyed the science day at St Edwards where they studied plants and made necklaces from string and red wood.

Next on Thursday 8 children from class 6 went to St Edwards for a Greek day! They described it as great fun! They learnt a lot about Greek myths and the Greek language. Whilst they were at St Edwards the rest of the class had a brilliant time during French and music. In French they studied other countries that spoke French and in music they learnt about the Notting Hill Festival!

This week we were learning about London and have gained lots of information about what it was like in the Victorian times and about the London underground.

Achievement of the week:
This week class six got their highest mark for their essential mental maths!!

Week ending 14th Feb 2014
On Monday Year 6 wrote our weekly spellings and tables down to learn this week. This was followed by maths and The Big Write. In the afternoon we all played some P.E. games with Mr Winter whilst Mr Brigg went to year five. We did a mixture of sports including bench ball, dodge ball and team house games.

On Tuesday we began the day by doing some tasks in our London project books. In the afternoon we all got involved in a sporty afternoon consisting of netball, football and hockey.

On Wednesday we began the day with English comprehension. In the afternoon we continued making cubes in D & T and decorating them with London scenes.

On Thursday in the morning it was maths groups. As usual we had singing assembly followed by French and music in the afternoon .
          Week ending 14th Feb 2014/ cont
On Friday we have had our Romeo and Juliet Auditions and at the end of the day we will find out who got the parts! Then from 11 o clock to 12 o clock we had test hour and managed to get film club with the amount of people that got full marks in spellings and times tables!
Lucas & Ellie

Week ending 28th Feb 2014
Test Week
This week was assessment week. We are building up to S.A.Ts and everyone (including the teachers) have been working very hard to get very good marks.
On Tuesday some of the children went with Mrs.Roberts to the Sibford Hockey tournament and won without letting a single goal in their own goal and winning by a mile.
On Wednesday the whole class went to Junior Citizen to learn how to have fun and stay safe and how to call 999. Also on Thursday some of the children went with some year 5s to the Warriner Athletics and advanced to the next round.
Overall all the tests weren't that bad as they weren't constant and there were lots of exciting things in-between.
James Marshall and Harvey Machin     

     Week ending 7th March 2014

This week we started a new week by doing Spelling practice followed by class assembly. One of the things we talked about was the final (hopefully!) fund raiser for our trip to London later this month. After that we had maths (Positive and Negative numbers). Next we studied Language and Vocab. After break it was Big Write time. In the asfternoon we had I.C.T. followed by Dance and rehearsal.

On Wednesday we began the day with ongoing tasks and school duties then we carried on with maths followed by whole school assembly. After break it was English: Subordinate clauses and finally for the rest of the day we did science.

Finally on Friday we finished off our science. Next we learnt about the Notting Hill Carnival which is part of our London topic work. As always we had circle time and test hour after. Finally to finish off the week we did R.E.

Prabir & Nikita           Week ending 14th March 2014

During this week class 6 have had an extremely busy week!! On Monday we had our sponsored spell to raise money for our trip to see Billy Eliot. This event has given us more money than we expected, therefore we are able to have souvenirs from the show!!

On Tuesday Fiona Ritchie came to class 6 to help produce Romeo and Juliet raps. She split us into groups and gave us a section from the original play. We then were able to perform the raps in front of the class.

Moving on to Wednesday some members of class 6 and various other year groups took part in the Chipping Norton orchestra festival. They enjoyed it very much and were extremely happy with the feedback they received!!

Now onto Thursday with French and Music!! During French we presented our power points to the class in our pairs. These were based on other countries that speak French as one of their main languages. In music we were producing a cover of Bob Marley's song 'Three little birds'. This includes the whole of the     

     Week ending 14th March 2014

class playing their choice of instrument.

On Friday we had test our and then the school nurse came to talk about health and hygiene. Finally we had a rehearsal in the afternoon!!
By Rebekah & Hannah

Week ending 25th April 2014

This is the blog by Jack Tosh and Cooper Whitford of the past week. We hope you enjoy it!
This week we have been preparing for our Cheltenham festival entries, Romeo and Juliet and our themed entry Can You Keep a Secret. We have also been preparing for SATs week which is in 3 weeks'time.

On Friday we began work on another dance. This is for The Commonwealth Games that are being held in Glasgow. We, Dr Radcliffe's, are hosting another dance day on the May the 15th.

Everybody is so excited because we have our residential trip to Woodlands next week.           Week ending 9th May 2014

This week has to be the hardest week so far in year 6 it has been none stop with sats practice and rehearsals! Everyone has been quite tired after our trip to wonderful woodlands.

We have been practising for Romeo and Juliet and our themed entry all week we have improved lots since we have started our sats practices, most people got level 5 or higher.

Luckily we have been doing loads of pe/game due to the lovely weather; also we have started to have a cricket teacher in as well.

Now it's the end of the week we are very nervous coming up to our sats on Monday, the teachers hope that we do well and all get high grades.

By Charlotte and Oliver

     30th June 2014

Year 6 haven't written the blog since May!! Therefore we will have a lot to talk about this week!

In May and also in SATs week we performed at the Cheltenham festival and won both events that we participated in. These were the Junior Theme (we performed a devised piece called - Can You Keep a Secret?) and also the Dramatic Scene by Schools (We performed an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet). Class 6 were delighted as this is the 12th year in a row that we have won.

On Friday 20th June it was year 6's last Summer Dance Day! It was a beautiful day and a wonderful experience for all the year 6 pupils. The special guest this year was Mrs Corradi! The king and Queen were Toby and Holly and the Jack and Jill of The Green were Harvey and Hannah.

Throughout June the school Choir and Orchestra have been practising non- stop to prepare for the final choir performance 'Showstoppers' and the Dr Radcliffe's Café Orchestra which are performing tomorrow afternoon!!!!!!

          Last week was sports week and what a week it was!! The opening ceremony was a blast of colour and laughter! There were gymnastic routines, cheerleading performances, dancing and Mr Winter salsa dancing. (It was a morning no-one could forget!!!!!!)
Later on that day, year 5 and 6 took part in orienteering, there were maths questions that involved the world cup. Isis won! Then, on Tuesday, we played inter-house cricket, it was a tough match but Evenlode won! The KS1 staff and the KS2 staff had a relay race and this KS1 took the cup (much to Mr Brigg's and Mrs Roberts' annoyance – haha).

This week we Y6 are looking forward to playing the staff in their annual rounders match – I wonder who will win?!

Next week 'Showstoppers' is taking place in the school hall – if you get time come in and see the amazing backdrop that has been put up on the stage for the show.
In the last week of term year 6 will be perfoming the whole of Romeo and Juliet and Can You Keep a Secret in the Amphitheatre!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Dr Radcliffe’s school website!