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     Week begining 10th Sept 2012
Today we did a baseline sats paper in maths followed by the big write. In the after noon we were working on our Australian project work.

Today we did a reading test and maths paper b, In the after noon we did circus skills in the school hall then after that we did P.E.

The first thing we did today was the shorter writing test after that we did the longer writing test. After lunch we designed an I.C.T. postcard on ourselves. Following that we had rounders.

First it was singing assembly then maths and literacy groups. Then lunch followed by music and French with our new French teacher where we had a French breakfast. Yummee!!

When we came in we did some aboriginal art work then we had circle           time and we played some trust games like falling back into other class mates arms Then R.E Then a whole class debate.

Week begining 17th Sept 2012
First we started with our talk homework, the Big Write, where everyone tried their hardest. Then we were the first class to try the Bloxham School swimming pool. It was great!!!!!! There was lots to do even though there were only 2 big groups. It was an amazing day!

On Tuesday Father Mark took assembly, the theme was loneliness. We talked about what people would do if they were alone. Later we had a science test, keeping our fingers crossed we would get good marks. Finally we played some energetic games.

On Wednesday we started with Assembly and practiced songs for the Harvest Festival. It was fun. After school it was the first choir meeting with Mr Brigg. It was really fun and enjoyable, we learnt some of the songs from Wicked! It was awesome!!!!!!!

     Week begining 17th Sept 2012/ cont

Today we started with singing assembly where the whole school took part. Class 6 did a Suffolk reading test where you had to put in the missing word. In the afternoon we did Music, which was fun and then we had French where we learnt the days of the week and the months of the year.

We began with our work on Australia and after most people finished we had an amazing circle time where Mrs Corradi joined us. In the afternoon we had R.E during which we found out about the six main religeons of the World and what their emblems are and mean. Then at the very end of the afternoon as a treat we went up to the super school woods!

Week begining 24th Sept 2012
We started the day of with a maths session after that we moved on to a class assembly were we talk about the week ahead, then we did our VCOP session before break, after we did the 45 minute writing session.           After that had finished we continued with our maths, our final event of the day was a swimming lesson at Bloxham secondary school.

We started with a maths warm up loop game next we moved onto our main maths activity which would be learning the properties of 2d shapes then we did a quick test to see what we learned during the lesson. Next we wrote our spellings and times tables in our list books after that had finished we did some grammar focus also that day we did a science lesson on adaptations and food chains last but not least we did an exciting games lesson.

On Wednesday we got going with a shared piece of Writing on the geographical features of Australia after that we did a quick maths warm up game on decimals, at ten past eleven we continued are work on properties of 2d shapes until lunch break. At the end of lunch break we did an ICT session on auto biographical postcards and to round of the day we completed our piece of writing on geographical features of Australia.

     Week begining 24th Sept 2012/ cont

First of all we did a maths lesson on arithmetic next we did some problem solving after that years 2-6 went to the harvest festival at the church and sang two songs then we had music and French lessons.

Today we stared by completing all unfinished work then we had a fun and exiting circle time on learning social skills then it was time for test our where we got tested on the spellings and times tables that we got given on Monday. Our afternoon was kick-started with an hour of silent reading. Then we learnt about the six major religions of the earth.

Week begining 8th Oct 2012

Here are some exciting things we did this week
This week has gone really well on Monday we had swimming it was great fun, everyone practiced pencil jumps, and then swam down to the other end in breaststroke.           On Wednesday some people went to the Warriner to represent Dr Radcliffes for a cross country, we came 6th out of about 12 other schools. On Friday we had circle time, we talked about a lot of things. After break, we had puberty education.

Friday afternoon highlights
We had auditions for our Christmas performance. It was scary because we don�t know who�s got the main part yet. We will find out next week who gets it. So watch this space!
By Katherine and Rebecca

Week begining 22nd Oct 2012

Year 6 have had a very exiting week this week, we have had many activities such as a Grease dance workshop, Year 5 and 6 tag rugby, year 5 football and much more.
Also Year 6 had a comprehension test which everyone scored incredible marks on!

     Week begining 22nd Oct 2012/ cont

In maths this week some of the children took two tests at once in our maths test on Friday, everybody tried their best and got high marks. We also worked on improper fractions and mixed numbers.

In drama everybody has been working really hard on the play and their lines including after school Friday rehearsals. The girls have been working equally as hard on their dance. Also we had some West End professional dancers who appeared in Mama Mia and Grease come in to do the Grease workshop � it was awesome!

In P.E we have had children out of school on Thursday for a tag rugby tournament which everybody tried their hardest. In the football tournament, our team won meaning that they get to play at the Kassam Stadium next round! It was the best time of their lives!!!

In English we had a half term assessment test and everybody�s marks increased massively.           And that's all about our week this week, we hope you enjoyed reading this page of the Blog.

Xavier and Ella.

Week begining 5th Nov 2012

To be honest I think Monday could have gone a lot better. To start with class assembly went well then we had a SATS maths paper the majority of the class did very well � most people improved from the first test. After lunch we went swimming. Unfortunately some people in the class talked so much we had to leave early.

We did some more test papers. Then the school nurse came and talked about the changes the body goes through and some of the reproductive organs. After that we marked our papers and then had a rehearsal for our play A Christmas Carol.

English papers were done after play we did story doodles which is based on the well known book 'Mouse and his child'. A DT teacher from the Warriner came in and started to teach us how to make wooden robots which need finishing.

     Week beginning 5th Nov 2012/ cont

On Thursday we did a singing assembly then went to our English and Maths groups. After lunch we had French and Music but most importantly me and some other people went to the Year 6 Maths Challenge at St. Edwards school in Oxford we did quite well but we didn't win.

We had our last test (mental maths) and then we had a circle time about our worries and then after that we played 'party quirks' .
Jessie and Charles(Charles went to the Maths Challenge).

Week beginning 12th November

We did loads of amazing things this week but we are going to pick out the best bits, this week was art week so we did lots of art.

At the beginning of the week we completed a big write session in which we had to write about out favourite painting or picture. Claudia said 'I thought that the Big Write was really interesting this week because lots of people in our class enjoy art and found this an exciting subject to write about.'           Xavier said he thought that it had tested the class's writing abilities well. Mr Brigg said, 'I think the class need to work a little harder on their discussion writing.'

On Monday and Tuesday we split the class in two halves to do a marimba workshop with Fiona Richie who plays with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, we made a lovely piece of music. We really enjoyed this and we are very lucky to have done this amazing workshop.

For the rest of the week we did some wonderful painting & clay work. For the painting we were each given a square of corrugated card which we then had to design a pattern with some string then we painted the sections in any colour we wanted we then varnished it with clear white PVA glue, the result was a beautiful painting (a bit like a stained glass window) . For the clay work we sculpted a clay vase or pot we then painted them in any colour. Everyone thought this was a wonderful week.

Yours Faithfully
Caspar & Katherine.

     Week beginning 19th Nov 2012

On first day of the week, we did one of the most interesting 'Big Writes' we've done; Should hunting be banned? Also this week we've done lots of exiting work and activities.

Some of this work was the Big Write, Geography: what do you know about the world? Rehearsals for our Christmas production, A Christmas Carol, Circle time and Test hour.

This week it was the swimming gala and the girls came second and the boys came 7th. This week's whole class reward time is watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid II.

Week beginning 26th Nov 2012
This week has been a blast, we have had so many things happening; there has been so many I don't know where to start. From governors to the Christmas carol performance 'there is so much to write about!'

This week we had governors coming in to inspect our school. I think they got a good impression, we had the most amazing manners. They inspected us in a reading lesson, people came up with amazing answers to questions, quote 'the author has used short punchy sentences to give a feeling of tension.'           The Target level six reading group did some complex questioning, 'even the governors were impressed.'

We also had a very exiting big write this week, about our fantasy holiday destination, we had some of the most bizarre ideas! Infinity pools, crystal sea private islands ‘couldn’t get better.'

We also had a very thrilling music lesson about our production of the regal reggae band and the cast is set..

We had a very interesting circle time about cooperating with other people to feel at peace with your self, for example someone said "they feel at peace with themselves when they landed a new trick on their scooter". Also we did a review of the week. Then we played the bell game where all you had to do is take the wind chimes round the circle: that sounds easy! But it isn’t. It is virtually impossible. Because the chimes are so close together and if you waobble they touch together and you lose the game but you carry on going with your turn.

We are also having a very exciting rehearsal of THE CHRISTMAS CAROL as we still haven’t perfected it yet.

Thanks for reading the year six blog.

     Week beginning 3rd December 2012

This week was a personal favourite for the both of us, because it was D.T and Science week, on the first day of the week we made some fantastic robots that every one had a great time making. (The parts were kindly donated by the Warriner secondary school.) We also made quiz games using electrical circuits � when you connect the right question to the right answer the bulb lights up!

On Tuesday we had an amazing rehearsal with year 5 on our Christmas production 'A Christmas Carol' which we will be performing in one week (hope we learn all our lines!!!!). On Wednesday we finished of our fantastic robots and Mr Brigg will choose the best one.

On Friday we learnt a beautiful descant to "O' Come All Ye Faithful" and we earnt our film club and watched "A Christmas Carol". Still we have a lot more in store to enjoy coming up in the future. We have had a visitor Hugo who is doing work experience he has been a great help.
By Anna & Caspar           Week beginning 10th December 2012

This week has been full of lots of exciting events, such as our amazing R.E project where we have to create a bright, interesting information page on festivals around the world. Not only did we find this interesting but we also enjoyed other things throughout the week.

We have made a comic strip on the birth of Jesus which goes to show that we have taken fascinating interest on our favourite topic R.E. But that is not all, our play is next week and we have been constantly rehearsing which is really great for our play because now it is as good as the movie (almost).

Class 6 our very excited about our class reward this week because one of our students Olivia Robins has brought in a movie called Tin Tin and we are very excited about watching it which is why our class has been behaving really good this week so we can get enough points to watch it.

So our week has gone really well this week and I hope you have enjoyed our review of the week!
By Bella and Ben.

     Week beginning 7th January 2013

This week we have had a tough week it has been the dreaded assessment week!

This week in maths we have scored really high marks. Over 50% got level 5 and 97% of us got over level 4. Mrs Brown�s group have taken a level 6 maths paper and everyone in the group scored good marks (over 50%).

In English we did extremely well. We did three tests consisting of a comprehension test and a longer and shorter writing test. Some of which have not quite been marked yet. But so far so good!

This week our homework was to decorate our London project books. This is a competition and we are all very excited about who is going to win the 50 artist pencils.

We have had a spelling test and our results were a very big improvement.

Mr Brigg was proud of our results.           We have also been practicing out Matilda song and dance for our Talent Show finale. On Wednesday we started learning swing dancing which everyone enjoyed.

By Claudia and Brendan

Weeks beginning 14th/ 21st January 2013

This week we are covering two weeks due to the bad weather.

Last Week we had the amazing Year 6�s Got Talent show. From Singing and Dancing to Karate and Origami-Tastic. The Idea of a Year 6�s got talent originally came from Jake Davies and best friend Daniel Kelly. This splendid idea managed to raised a large amount of money towards our London trip. And along with our other fundraising projects we will soon have enough for our trip to see Matilda in the West-End (Exiting ). We have got the first three rows in the whole theatre. It was so good to have a show after a couple days of tests, it was nice and very well deserved, from all that hard work. We had 90% level Four and 50% Level Five! (wow).     

     Weeks beginning 14th/ 21st January 2013/ cont

This week we were all surprised that we still had snow on Monday. Some people couldn’t get out of their drive, But others made it in. Poor Mr Brigg had terrible flu as well as a fifth of the class to make it an eerie ghost town in class while Mrs Marshall taught us as a replacement to our usual teacher.

Then on Tuesday we had P.E inside because the play ground was full of snow.

Everybody was very happy when Mr Brigg was in on Wednesday, but he was still not feeling 100%.

Week beginning 28th January 2013

We started off the week with some exciting maths. Then we had class assembly: we discussed what went well and what we need to work on this week. After that we did VCOP session for our Big Write after break. Then we did our big write this time the question was: would you have your sense of humour removed for a million pounds?           (We then had to write a story all about a child who agreed to have their sense of humour removed for a £million and what we thought might happen to them). In the afternoon we did London history and worked on it all afternoon.

On Tuesday we started off with a whole school assembly. After that we did some fun maths, finding out how to use line graphs and conversion tables, and then we did a brief history of London. In the afternoon we did science and P.E., we played dodge ball.

On Wednesday we did a maths warm up, spot the sequence, and then we fished our summaries of the history of London. After lunch we did ICT to create a simple website about London’s Theatre shows.

Thursday we had Key Stage 2 singing assembly then year 5&6 had maths groups after when we came in from break we did grammar lesson - we learnt all about infinitives, present and past participles and how to conjugate irregular verbs.

     Week beginning 28th January 2013

Finally we completed our London history then had circle time first we started by reviewing the week and discussing what we would like to do when we grow up. Here are some of the things that people said:

    Jake would like to go to the Royal Academy of Music
    Brendan wants to be an actor and study at RADA.
    Lucia would like to be a Reception teacher.
    Caspar would like to specialise in extreme sports.
    Katherine would like to work with animals.
    Ella would like to be an equestrian eventer.
    Alfie would like to be a professional skateboarder.
    Jessica would like to be a professional dancer and go on to teach ballet.
    Rosie would like to be a pop singer or on stage in the West End.


    Elizabeth would like to open a café.
    Tom would like to start his own origami business.
    Tom H would like to be a farmer.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog!! Watch out for next week's instalment.
Matthew & Lucia (Class 6 Prefects).

Week beginning 18th February 2013

This week was more of an assessment week than any thing else. We had several different tests to do which we thought went very well, but I think it's safe to say that every one was very tired at the end of the week!
On Friday we held The Warriner partnership quiz club, which we thought went well and we came second.

Week beginning 25th February 2013

This week's been a tough week for year six we've had lots of things to do and a few bonuses included. We have also had lots of fun.     

     Week beginning 25th February 2013/cont

In maths this week we have been doing some work on fractions decimals and division. This week was parents evening, it went well. In test hour we all scored very high marks. In French this week we did grammar involving nouns, adverbs and a lot, lot more! Soon we will know about the auditions of The Tempest.

Another brilliant feature about this week was the indoor athletics where we came first out of five brilliant sporty teams. The children who took part will later on in the year take part in another competition with some different schools within Oxfordshire. The science competition is today but we won’t find out the results until Monday. This week our school held a quiz so that schools came from within Oxfordshire to compete we came second.

We have also started a tutoring system which is going very well and everyone is working hard. Students who find a certain subject quite easy volunteer to stay in through there break time and tutor students who are struggling at the subject, and have requested some extra support.           

We've had a wonderful week.

By Xavier, Jessica and Anna.

Week beginning 4 March 2013

Welcome to the yr 6 blog, 08-03-13. we have been doing a huge variety of different subjects. On Monday our topic was the big write which was on �what are the benefits of living in a multi cultural society?�. There were lots of different opinions on the subject, but the whole class agreed that racism should be stopped.

Our maths topic was finding percentages of fractions and given numbers. Although most people thought this an easy subject, some people rushed through it and didn�t think about the answers carefully, therefore , they made mistakes.

In science, we were studying forces and working through questions on 6 sheets of paper.

And on Tuesday, something very exciting for yr6’s happened. We had our junior citizen visit to the oxford fire station. There were 8 scenarios in the visit.
     Week beginning 4 March 2013

These were on house safety, fire safety, river safety, first aid & road safety.

And finally on Friday, there was a world book day celebration were we were allowed to come into school as our favourite book character.

    Ella Miall, Amy from Heartland
    Charlotte Davis, the Hobbit
    Xavier Markham, James Bond
    Brendan W-H, Captain underpants
    Matthew Taylor, where’s Wally
    Aaron Thatcher, Willy Wonker
    Elizabeth Simpson, Hermione Granger
    Olivia Robins, Caroline.

Week beginning 11 March 2013

This week class six had had a knowledge party (A.K.A Test week).Most of the class's marks went up, some went down, and some even doubled!

On Wednesday we went on a fabulous trip to London, we did a Shakespeare           workshop in the global theatre then we did a sight seeing trip and these are the sights we saw: the shard, BT tower, the tower of London, millennium bridge, tower bridge, St. Pauls cathedral and nelsons column. After that we went to see Matilda, unfortunately we had to leave early due to a blackout in London that altogether lasted 5-Hours.

On Thursday and Friday we have been designing a wonderful Matilda display that will be in the hall. We also have been raising money for comic relief/Red nose day; there have been contributions from everyone, a cake sale by the school cooks and a friendship bracelet sale. Everybody was asked to come to school in red , some people came to school with loads of red and some not so much but the great thing is everyone had fun dressing up

On Thursday we had a Quiz Club competition and our school first team (Charles Palmer Year 6, Tom Rymer, Year 5, Riley Aumonier Year 4 and Joe Hodges Year 3) won the Quiz Club and are going to compete in the next round with 12 schools in Oxford.

     Week beginning 18 March 2013

This week was a really good week for class 6. We are doing well with the tutoring system, and we hope that everyone benefits from it. Also this week we had the amazing plays by year 3 and 4, of year 4 performing four of the well-known Aesop�s Fables, and class 3, performing a roman play, The Head in the Sand.

We have started our dance routine for the drama competition at Cheltenham and we all hope we win. Our class has finished our second to last practice SATs and will be doing the real things in May.

We are disappointed to announce that the amazing Mr Davis has had his last hymn practice and maybe his last music lesson before retiring. Year six is also pleased to announce that we will be going back to London after the unexpected power cut at the Cambridge Theatre.
          April/ May/ June 2013

Before we start this blog we would like to apologise for the recent lack of information. It has been a long time since Year 6 has added anything to the blog � this is because we have been so busy!!! Read and on and you will discover what we have been up to!

First of all we need to go all the way back to our residential visit to Kilvrough. Everyone had super time and faced all their fears; special mention to Beth Simpson who had family issues with caving and overcame her fears and went caving. All the children had a great time and loved it although there were a few who got slightly home sick, but soon overcame it. Some children took the daring drop into the ice cold canal during the kayaking.

After that as you all know we had "national knowledge party week" (aka S.A.T.S) AAAARGHH! We all did extremely well and coped under the pressure. We are hoping for some good results.

     April/ May/ June 2013

On the same week as SATS we had the Cheltenham Festival. We got second place in the themed entry. And won the Shakespeare. The every man theatre company pulled out; probably afraid of our reputation for winning !
Then we had a few of relaxing weeks. Before the dance workshops and chalk drawings. We went to see Matilda in the theatre and it was amazing, we all had a great time. Some parts we caught Mr. Brigg jumping. (LOL!) Afterwards we got signatures from Miss Honey.

We have also had summer dance day as you are aware it was a blast! We had lots of fun exciting dances for your entertainment. The year 6 may pole was a success after a whole week of practicing. Everyone had a great time (we hope)! A new rule has been bought into year six which means the boys can wear any tie and the girls can bring in their own summer dress - a new one has been bought specially for the summer Queen. Luck was on our side and it stayed dry and the floor shoe free.           

This week (w/b/ 24 June) we have national sports week. We had a great opening ceremony with lots of entertainment including synchronised swimming ON LAND! We then had tug of war leading in a strong victory toWINDRUSH. Later there was year 6 and year 5 cricket and rounders the finals have not yet been played: ISIS VS CHEREWELL and ISIS VS WINDRUSH. And on Thursday we had the year 3&4 tag rugby. Resulting in a win for EVENLODE. And today as you probably know sports day has been cancelled. ‘OOHHH!’

Good Bye, once again sorry for the delay in updating the blog...

By Xavier and Aaron