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2012 Warriner Partnership Athletics Article

Warriner Family 2012 Olympics Athletics Article


North Oxfordshire SSP

2012 Warriner Family Athletics keeps Olympic values alive!

After many training sessions and 2 rained off events the Warriner was finally able to host our annual primary athletics event. in October! This year being the Olympic year made it even more special and made everybody even more determined to get the event going. With podiums, medals, certificates, multi coloured t-shirts and a guest of honour at the ready we headed over to Dr.Radcliffes Primary School who had kindly offered to host the event.

After the previous cancellations 45 keen Sports Leaders had to be narrowed down to only 16 of the best who were overseen through all training and the final event by Mr.Halsall. With less Sports Leaders the events then had to be managed by everyone but as these were specially selected Sports Leaders the job was no problem for anyone!

The primary school children arrived in their waves but before the day could start there had to be an opening ceremony as this was the Olympic Primary athletics! Soon the day was underway with events going on all around and plenty for everyone to enjoy and watch with medals being won left right and centre! We were honoured to have Clive Loveland, a former Great Britain athlete (javelin thrower), give freely of his time to award certificates as well as gold, silver and bronze medals.

After a day of fun and sporting achievement for everyone the results were finally put together with overall results being announced for boys and girls in two age groups, Years 3-4 and 5-6. With Dr Radcliffes and Deddington being overall winners everyone who took part were champions as they demonstrated true Olympic spirit by giving of their best in all of their events.

We felt that everything had gone really well and this was summed up by feedback from 2 Primary PE link teachers. One said "What an amazing day! A fantastic follow up to a magnificent summer of sport. Children and adults loved it  smiles all round! A huge THANK YOU to Tim for hosting and his children who were great guides and supporters, as well as Mr Halsall for organising it and Clive Loveland!" Another commented "The pupils from Warriner were exemplary in their abilities to organise and encourage the pupils. Their efforts contributed to the smooth running and success of the event."

Can we add our thank you to Mr Winter (Tim) at Dr Radcliffes for hosting the event as well as organising medals, t-shirts, certificates and ceremonies inspirational!

James Wallbanks, 10 D-BRI

Writer and Photographer

Sports Leader