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     Week begining 12th September
Monday 12th September
This week we started our project on Australia, on Monday we all started to draw an Australian map. After we had done the map we did some aboriginal art. Much to our joy we had to do a maths test on Monday we all really enjoyed it!

Tuesday 13th September
We started with assembly and we had to collect the house points Isis unfortunately won! After assembly surprise surprise we had some MORE tests!! On Tuesday it was a maths test, science test and comprehension. Luckily we had games after that.

Wednesday 14th September
On Wednesday we started off with Mr Brigg�s assembly it was a really good assembly as usual. We then did a longer writing assessment which was good, a spelling test and a mental maths test they were all satisfactory! We zoomed off to Banbury in the after noon for a swimming lesson which we all found really fun!           Thursday 15th September
We had maths groups and English groups in the morning they were both really good fun and in the after noon we did music from 1-2 and French 2-3. Which were also good.

Friday 16th September
We finished work on Australia and aboriginal art, next in the day we had our first circle time, we played games and talked about year 6. Then we had our first test hour we had spelling x tables and mental maths. We then had our first Friday film club and we watched Mrs Doubtfire. After that we worked through a science test and then we chose this years school councillors. It was very hard to choose!!

Week begining 19th September
On Monday we started off the week doing a Big Write about our talk homework. Our talk homework was, 'if you could invite three famous people to a dinner party who would you invite and why.'

The next day we had a fun, maths warm-up-adding numbers to make 10, 100 and 1000.     

Week begining 19th September/ cont
Later that day in English we had to invent a character based on the Hobbit, we had to write about one evil character in a treasure story.

On Wednesday we finished off our science work all about the different parts of a flower and their functions and after we did maths and English. In the afternoon we went swimming.

Thursday was writers and maths workshops in the morning, followed by French and music in the afternoon.

Friday morning is everybody's favourite circle time; we talked about how we could work better as a class and decided on our class rules for the year. We also has a discussion about what show we would like to go and see in London. We have decided that we would lke to try and see the new production of Matilda which is coming soon – Mrs Marshall is going to find out about tickets, then went to the Harvest Festival. Finally we came back and had film club           Week begining 26th September
Monday Morning
We started of the week with maths looking at common multiples and odd and even numbers
After that we did our VCOP session for the big write based on this weeks talk homework.
The big write about what the little boy down the lane did with the bag full of wool from baa baa black sheep rhyme.
History and geography based on the Australia project and we did aboriginal art in our sketch books.

Tuesday Morning
More common multiples in maths.
Then we wrote biographies of each other.
In the afternoon we did science about the life cycle of a plant.
Next we did games tag rugby, netball and multi skills in small groups.

Wednesday Morning
We did maths working on Carroll diagrams and square numbers
Next we continued on are biographies

     Week begining 26th September/ cont
Wednesday Afternoon
We had are brilliant swimming session in Banbury leisure centre.

Thursday Morning
We started with hymn practice then we split into maths workshop groups
Then we did our writer’s workshop group.
We did French and music.

Friday Morning
Circle time about peer pressure
Then we did maths and spelling test.
We are looking forward to RE and a debate.
We also did calendar photos and we did hand writing practice.

Week beginning: 3rd October
So, on Monday no Mr.Brigg. He was at St.Edwards secondary school with Jake, Jacob, Mara and Eleanor. It was an challenge day. Mrs Marshall gave class six a big suprise... the Big Write, we had to make up an imaginary autobiography - HARD!!           On Tuesday half the class didn't turn up in the morning how rude (only kidding) they were looking round the Marlborough School but they decided to turn up for the afternoon.

On Wednesday we arrived and the flag cord was stuck at the top of the pole. Nightmare. Good job Mr. Bickley was here. The book fair arrived and the registers didn't get handed out untill 9:00 shhhhhh dont tell Mr Brigg !!!!!!!Every one had to remember to bring their helmets as they battled through the entrance hall.

Of course we then went swimming but not everyone remebered to bring their things, don't like to point any fingers!!!

Thursday groups, FUN. In music we got to make our class band. Next week is our first practice.

On Friday we had circle time. We talked about musicals, we stll haven't decided what we are going to see in - Mr Brigg invited everyone who wanted to, to pitch for the show they would like the class to see - Jake wants us to go to the Lion King, Jesper and Scarlett want War Horse and Mr Brigg is keen on Crazy for You.

     Week begining 10th October/ cont
On Friday we had the year 5s joining us because of the tag rugby tournament at the Warriner. We started off doing activities we needed to finish. After that we did a circle time. After morning break again we had test hour. During lunch we had Friday film club. Next it was handwriting practice on the poem “stop all of the clocks”. Religious education came next and we were comparing different religions.

Week begining 17th October
MATHS REVISION: little tricky said Eleanor) some calculations to reinforce maths skills and speed. BIG WRITE VCOP: Wow that was long we had to plan out our Big Write then after break we had the Big Write about your funniest character HA HA HA!
Finally our Australia project about the first fleet to Australia. We had to do it in the style of horrible history.

Maths: Warm-up-maths whizz, converting different measurements that took a bit of thinking.           
Then we had English horrible history writing style information pages. After that we did science on how to explain to separate a mixture of materials.
Finally we did games
<> Football
<> Netball
<> Multi skills/American football

Maths: Units of measurements again!
Poems!: It was great!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we had to copy a poem that we liked and illustrate it.
Off to swimming in Banbury!

Hymn practice. LA LA LA !
Then writer’s workshop focus haiku poems and write our own! cool!
After that we had maths groups phew this week is tiring!
Then lunch
After we had French focusing on conversations in French. Finally we did music we are making up our own band! Better put your ear plugs in!

Circle time talking about bullying and gangs and how we could play together!

     Week begining 17th October/ cont
Test hour arrghhh help us!
Don’t worry it wasn’t that bad.
Then lunch, we are watching Greece during Friday film club! After that were going to be doing RE and then auditions for CINDERELLA!
Last of all class debate !
What a busy week
By Jacob and Eleanor

Week begining 31st Ocober
This week class 6 had a assessment week, first it was maths then comprehension then writing. Mr. Brigg likes to call it knowledge party because it sounds better.

In any of our spare time we practiced our Christmas play Cinderella, as we normally have music but the music teacher Mr. Davis was ill so there was extra time to practice.

Week begining 14th November
This week is history and geography week so all week we have mostly been learning about Australia and its seven states.

          We had an excellent start to the week with maths and then our big write after that we continued with our maths. In the afternoon we learned about the seven states of Australia and were set three tasks including writing about the formation of the states, to write about marsupials and monotremes. We also had to list information about the top five deadliest animals.

The next day went down a treat as we rehearsed for our Christmas performance, Roald Dahl's version of Cinderella.
Then we had maths followed by our games lesson.

On Wednesday some of the class competed in the partnership schools cross country.

On Thursday morning we had singing practice then a whole morning of finishing off. In the afternoon we had French with Mrs Rymer and music with Mr Davis which was, as always fun!

     Week begining 14th November/ cont
Friday was a great end to the week. To start we completed our history and geography work then we had a great circle time focusing on the school theme of the week, anti-bullying.
Next came the always challenging test hour, with it came a spelling test, times table test and a mental maths test. This afternoon we had a great time as we were decorating cakes to sell in aid of our London trip to see WAR HORSE!

As always a great school week and with it lots of excitement and joy!

Week begining 21st November
This was week 2 of our history and geography week. We have been finding out about Australia.

We have also been rehearsing along with year 5 for our Christmas production.  Year 5 are doing  The Three Little Pigs and we are doing Cinderella.  Our Big Write session was "What would our fantasy holiday be, and why?"           Mr. Davis, the music teacher was back this week and got us to get into trio’s to play either an instrument you had brought in or to play a school instrument.

Today we had circle time followed by test hour.

This afternoon we are performing our play to Year 5 and watching theirs.

Week begining 28th November
On Monday we had class assembly and discussed how the hamper(to raise money for our trip to London) is coming along. Please bye a ticket!!! After that it was maths- rounding up and down whole numbers and decimals. Next it was The Big Write about the greatest invention over the last 100 years. In the afternoon we started work on a maths machine using an electrical circuit to light up the correct answers

On Tuesday we did maths in the morning, further work on rounding decimals and Mrs. Browns group did problem solving. After this we carried on with our science and technology work making a maths machine In the afternoon we rehearsed our play followed by games.

     Week begining 28h November/ cont
On Wednesday we began with maths. As it is science week we moved onto microorganisms. We made yoguert. Great fun!!! After we had play rehearsal followed by PE

On Thursday we did maths meltdown with Mr Brigg followed by literacy.I the afternoon we had French and Music In French we practiced a song for the Christmas Service.

On Friday we did some science in the morning then we had Circle Time. Next it was Test Hour ! Oh no!!! After lunch we had handwriting practice followed by a play rehearsal.

Week begining 12 December
Christmas is here! A time of opening presents, seeing friends, too many mince pies and even more present opening. Its been great term here in year six, so what have been the highlights of the it?

This term has been extremely busy with all of our rehearsals for our play, Cinderella which was a great success!           Our first two "silver awards" have been won by William Riman and Mara Smith by earning ten deputy head teachers awards. As well as the silver, William was the first to strike bronze. The candlelight service has also gone well with the choir and orchestra performing in the church. Year six did the decants which was taught by Mrs Rymer and Imogen Powell won the solo for Once In Royal David’s City’s first verse and preformed it wonderfully!

Year six has been going swimming every Wednesday with Mrs Cooper and Mrs Hand who is now leaving so we all wish her the best of luck for her new life in Kuala Lumpur. Lots of people got up to the third certificate on the list, improvers stage.

We have been raising money for our London trip, warhorse and are up to just over £1000 so about £450 to go, which is really good because its still nearly 2 months to go until the doors open.

All in all, we have had a great term, and that just leaves us to say, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

     Week begining 2nd January 2012
On Wednesday we did flag, after play then the whole school had a assembly to welcome everyone back for the new term. After assembly year 6 had thier first practise maths SATs, paper A. Then until break we marked our sheets and we mostly got ticks (HOORAY!). Mr Brigg then introduced our London project and set our homework for the week - decorating the front of our London books with a prize for the best.
In the last hours of the day we had our first all-class reading of our Cheltenham entry from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

To kick-off Thursday we had KS2 singing assembly with Mr Davies. Then we had our first maths and literacey groups for the year. In the afternoon we did Music where we worked in small groups using instruments a bit like lots of mini bands! and French.

On Fridays we usually have a test hour, today we had a whole test day!
Maths SATs in the morning and reading comprehension in the afternoon           We also marked our own papers and our marks had improved considerably on yesterday so our brains must be warming up for the term now. It's been a short but hard week!

Week begining 16th January 2012
Monday 16th January
When we arrived at school, we started the week with some maths to get our minds into school mode. Our maths lesson was multiplication skills. After that we all sat down and had a nice class assembly, Mr Brigg told us what we would be doing in the week following and read us a chapter of the hilarious book Grimble. Next in the busy day we did a VCOP session. After we had discussed our ideas, we did a 45 minutes big write, everyone enjoyed this. In the afternoon we all got on with our London project, our task was to plan a day out in London. This included where we would like to go, stay and eat.

Tuesday 17th January
On Tuesday morning we came in and got on with our London project. We then did a whole class rehearsal for Cinderella because we were performing it to the over 60s valentine club. After break we did some maths sats follow up on time.

     Week begining 16th January 2012/ cont
After lunch we performed Cinderella to the valentine club, it went amazingly well, nobody forgot their lines or messed up.

Wednesday 18th January
On Wednesday morning we did some maths, it warmed us up for the day. The lesson was on the 24 hour clock, we then answered some questions about it and went out to break. We then completed our plan of the day out in London. We then did some ICT on spread sheets, we did this on xl. We then did some circus training in PE we split into 5 groups and did 5 different activities. This gave us some daily exercise!!!

Thursday 19th January
We started off the day, with a fantastic hymn practice with Mr Davis. We then set off to our maths group we did that until break and then we swapped to English groups. In the afternoon we firstly had a great music lesson listening back to our pieces that we performed the week before. After an hour of music, we moved onto our French lesson. In our French lesson we did some conversational and speaking activities.           Friday 20th January

In the morning we completed our task on our London project. We then got ready for circle time (everyone’s favourite) and discussed issues that are happening in the class at the moment. We also looked at the colours for our hoodies which we could think about. Next we did a very challenging sponsored spell, going towards are London trip. Then we had film club and watched Johnny English, which was very funny and enjoyable. Later on we did RE on the different foods religions eat and we also did dietary laws. And to finish off the day we had a class debate on what or who should be placed on the fourt plinth in Trafalgar square!! End of the day and weekend.

Week begining 23rdJanuary 2012
Tuesday 24th January
On Tuesday half of the class went to St. Edwards�s school oxford to do a Greek Day. While the other half of the class stayed at school with Mrs Marshall. The Greek day was very fun and to start off with we got split into different groups. The groups were the Athenians, Thebans, Spartans and Corinthians.

     Week begining 23rd January 2012/ cont
We had Greek politics, grammar, medicine and script which were all very interesting and extremely fun. At the end of the day we had a quiz on everything we had learnt during the day with buzzers. At the end everyone got a goody bag with a lollipop, ruler, pencil and newsletter. Overall, it had great educational value and was very enjoyable.

Wednesday 25th January
On Wednesday we solved problems on coordinate using measuring scales. After morning break we had to write a letter to parents saying about an imaginary trip to London going to see a show and a famous landmark. After lunch we carried on with building our websites on London theatres. We continued P.E. circuits: skipping, juggling, hoola hooping, throwing a tennis ball round a circle and doing a burpie.

Thursday 26th January
We started with singing assembly. After singing assembly we finished off our website and when we came in from break we found out that sex education was cancelled because the nurse was ill.           So we found out that we were doing 4 minute melt down. Jamie Oliver’s team came in at lunch time. Singing ABBA tunes in the afternoon with Mr Daives and les occupations with Madame Rymer.

Friday 27th January
In the morning we were completing work from the week and then we had circle time. The dreaded test hour came next in the day and lots of people reached their targets. We continued our work from last week on religious dietary codes next and were then finishing off from every task we did in the week
Jake & James

Week begining 30th January 2012
We had an exciting flute and clarinet demonstration from Mr Nick Planas. Then people from the NHS came to measure us to see how we grow. Of course there was the big write. Whilst that was happening year 2 were working with Fiona Richie in a music workshop. There was a school council meeting.

Father Graeme came and did an assembly on using your abilities. We did areas and perimeter in Maths.     

     Week begining 30th January 2012/ cont
Also in English we wrote piece of describing the Crown Jewels. In science we learnt all about forces. Then as usual we did games.

We had an exciting story assembly about Cassandra and the Secret of the Crown. Carried on our websites before maths. Again in maths we did area. Then it was lunch. After Lunch we did our websites on London theatre. Then as usual we did circuits.

In the Morning we had hymn practice with Mr Davies and afterwards we had the four minute meltdown. Then we had hygiene talks. After Lunch we had French and music were we sang an African song.

In the morning we did martial arts, we all found it very fun and now we know all about kai. Afterwards we did circle time on how we were feeling. Then we had our test hour (HELP!!!) Soon After film club where we were watching Jumanji we had our Auditions for a Midsummer Nights Dream then soon after we had a very cold session of Tag Rugby + more auditions.           Week begining 6th February 2012/ cont
Monday 6th February
On Monday morning we had a maths warm up on averages. Then we had a class assembly about the last few instructions of our trip to London. After that it was time for the Big Write about how much different would it be to be a child in Victorian London. In the afternoon we worked on Victorian London which is our topic project.

Tuesday 7th February
On Tuesday morning we had a school assembly and recapped on the averages work from yesterday. After our lunch we carried out a science investigation to identify 5 white powder, using dissolving and litmus paper.

Wednesday 8th February
In the morning we school assembly. After that we had a maths test. Then after break we marked the tests and were pleased to find many of our marks had improved. During ICT in the afternoon we cleared our documents into the correct class folders. In PE we did circuit training. PHEW!!

     Week begining 6th February 2012/ cont
Thursday 9th February
This was the day that we have all been waiting for� its class 6s trip to London! This was an exciting trip for us all. We got to see all the sights of London, a fantastic workshop at The Globe Theatre followed by a production of Warhorse!

Friday 10th February
On Friday we did a display in a day about War Horse.We each did a bit of work, either art or a review. This work will be displayed in the entrance hall- Please have a look next time you are in

Week begining 20th February 2012/ cont
Monday 20th February:
Hope you all had a great holiday. In the morning we had puberty education and sex-education learning about hairs. Then after break we learnt how babies are made watching a DVD on the subject.
After lunch we had our VCOP session of our big write from our talk homework over the holidays which was should there be a cap on immigration? After our big write we continued on our abstract art of what we thought the 5 star rating by all of the class show, Warhorse all about the battlefields of WWII.           Class six were still in awe of the "touching masterpiece of west end magic" nearly 2 weeks after the performance in the New London Theatre

Tuesday 21st February:
That morning when we came in we had to do paper B maths and lots of people improved their score from last time. After a delicious lunch we had to fill in a paper of our science work we did before half term on recognising 5 different mystery white powders. Games outside was next and we were doing either multisport or netball.

Wednesday 22nd February
More SATs papers this morning but reading comprehension this time. Afternoon included finishing off websites on London theatres which will be up on the website in few weeks continued by circuits including having to do burpies, football passes, tennis bounces, skipping and juggling.

Thursday 23rd February
In the morning we went to Oxford to do a course on child safety including: online safety, stranger danger, fire safety, water safety, railway safety and first aid. Afternoon consisted of French and music     

     Week begining 20th February 2012/ cont
Friday 24th February
More boring tests! Mental maths and spelling this morning. After break we had circle time and what we did is confidential. R.E was on Christianity and was everything on that religion. After we worked on our Cheltenham festival entry on a midsummer nights dream and one called my hero.
Happy reading, Ben and Jake!

Week begining 27 February 2012
Monday 27th February:
8:50 - 10:35: To start of the week we began our class assembly on all the things in the week ahead including parents evening and the dance session on Tuesday. Maths was next and the focus was to understand interpreting conversion graphs and tables. Now was the VCOP session based on our talk homework which was �If you were stranded on a desert island what would you bring and what would the island look like�, we had to find out �wow words', vocabulary and ideas from home to use in our piece of writing.
10:50 - 12:00: It was time for the actual big write after break and for 45 minutes in complete silence, we wrote about the           Week begining 27 February 2012/ cont
ideas we got from home and the ones we came up with in the VCOP session. The 45 minutes was over and we carried on with our maths from earlier. Then to lunch.
1:00 - 3:00: After lunch we started a new piece of work on our London project which was ‘London in Peril', we pared up and had to choose from three main tragedies and disasters of London. They were: The Great Plague, The Great Fire of London or the Blitz. In our pairs we wrote extremely detailed accounts on the subject of our choice.

Tuesday 28th of February:
8:50 - 10:35: A great start to day was made by a practice SATs assessment: the longer writing task, ‘how to look after a miptor' was the title of the task where we had to write a guide of how to look after this imaginary and very rare pet.
10:50 - 12:00: After break was maths, this time the focus was fractions.
1:00 - 2:00: Lunch was over and it was time for science, we had to finish of writing the results of a experiment we did on substances and the reactions and properties they have and cause. Once we had finished this task we had a work     

     Week begining 27th February 2012/ cont
sheet on materials to complete and copy into our science books.
2:00 - 3:00: Time for games/ P.E, we chose team captains ready for the sports weeks later on in the term. Next we went out into our groups of either netball, tag rugby or Multi skills with Mr. Greenwood.

Wednesday 29th February:
8:50 - 10:35: Again just like the day before today started with another practice SATs assessment, but this time it was the shorter writing task called ‘ simply the best'. We had to choose an imaginary or real character from your school that you had to nominate for the award.
10:35 - 12:00: We did maths, the focus was fractions again (continued).
1:00– 2:00: Was an ICT lesson where in our pairs we could continue building our theatre webpage's where we had to consider what people would learn from them.
2:00 - 3:00: Was PE where we started leaning our Cheltenham festival dance but it was soon interrupted by the fire alarm luckily it was only a drill!

Thursday 1st March:
8:50 - 10:10: Was maths where we did a           Week begining 27 February 2012/ cont
4 minute meltdown for half an hour while people from Mrs. Brown's maths group for a lesson with her on fractions and percentages. Then we had early break.
10:30 - 11:30: We continued with our ‘ London in Peril' work for 40 minutes then had a class game of bakers dozen a fun game we frequently play in class!
1:15 - 2:15: Now was the time of the day many of us have been looking forward too, the dance workshop with Katie (Eleanor's sister) and her students from Tring. They did many performances and then at the end gave us a go and taught us a dance.

Friday 2nd March:
8:50 - 10:35: To start the day we just had some finishing of as there was no point of starting anything new. While others in the Cheltenham festival midsummer nights dream play went up to the new building to rehearse. Circle time followed where we played games, used sentence stems and discussed SATs.
10:50 - 12:00: Was test hour: spellings, times tables ( 6, 4 and 11s) and mental maths sheets.
1:00 - 2:00: After lunch the afternoon was begun by whole class reading followed by whole class reading.

     Week begining 27th February 2012/ cont
RE on the 10 commandments.
2:00 - 3:00: Next we did more reheasing for Cheltenham doing Midsummer nights dream and whole class performance where we were singing ‘ go the distance'.
By Jacob and Charlotte.

Week begining 5th March 2012
This week has been fun and exciting. For most of the week, Mr Brigg has been out so we�ve had Mrs Marshall who�s been a complete star!

In maths we have been learning about fractions. We learnt how to work out a fraction of a shape and also learnt about improper fractions.

As we always spell homophones incorrectly, we had a couple of lessons about it to boost our confidence. We learnt about: two, to and too. There, their and they�re. We also learnt about your and you�re.

Out topic this term is all about London. So we started work on a project called The River Thames. We had to draw the route of the River Thames, and label the different places that lie beside it.           Week begining 5th March 2012/ cont
In P.E this week we have started our inter-house competitions. This week we had our netball tournament. It was a draw between Isis and Cherwell, we will decide the winner next week with a re-match. As an addition to this we’ve also been learning our dance for the Cheltenham Festival, which we all agree is very fun!

Week begining 12th March 2012
This week we had the BIG write. Year 6�s BIG write was: imagine you had a time machine when and where would you go? you can go backwards or forwards in time. Year 6 also made the fourth plinth in Trafalgar square so they can decide what�s going to go on top of it. We also did writers workshop Mr. Brigg�s group did newspaper and magazine reports. We did grammar focus as well and that was our week!!!

Week begining 19th March 2012
We started with a class assembly. Then we did basic skills revision and probability. Our big write was about if we could shrink down to about 5cm where would you go on an adventure? After

     Week begining 19th March 2012/ cont
lunch we did work about the London Olympics. Then we did our plinths in art and design.

We had a whole school assembly which featured the year 3s and 4s productions. After that we had a maths lesson on probability. Next we had a reading comprehension test.

In the afternoon we marked our papers, with the help of Mr Brigg and Mrs Marshall. Finally, to finish off the day we did games.
Whilst this was all happening, eight children went off to Sibford School to take part in a swimming gala. They all thoroughly enjoyed and got some very good times!

To start the day we had a school assembly, then we had an English lesson. Next was our maths lesson on pie-charts.
The afternoon brought a D.T lesson where we continued to build our plinths. Next was our dance for the Cheltenham festival. We have now finished it!           Thursday
We started with a singing assembly that was run by Mr Davis. Next was our groups. In groups we go to different classes and do maths and English. We do it with year 5. Groups go on for the whole morning. In the afternoon we did music and French.

Today was Sport Relief!!!!!!!! We came in and did task completion on our London Olympics project. After that the whole school went outside to run a mile in aid of Sports Relief. Next we had circle time and Friday film club. The afternoon was all about R.E. We did R.E for the first hour of the afternoon. Finally, to finish off the day, we did a rehearsal for our second play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Week begining 26th March 2012
Class 6 assembly, then we did the Big Write the topic is 'My Hero', after that the Deputy Lord Lieutenant came in and gave class 5 and 6 a talk on the Queen�s Diamonds Jubilee.

Class 5 and 6 practiced for the ring of song project and the Easter service.     

     Week begining 26th March 2012/ cont
The morning for some students consisted of recording a song our school was writing.

We had the Easter service in the morning and music and French in the afternoon.

Ella Ward and Tara Wilson were Simons and jasmines camera cru!!!! Friday:
We had a leaving assembly for Mrs Cooper and then circle time. Happy holidays! Good Bye Mrs Cooper!!!! We will miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week begining 30th April
We started the week by finishing off our covers for our new history project "Britain in the 20s 30s 40s 50s". Next we did a class assembly discussing what we are going to work on this week. After we did a VCOP session with the class. Our big write was a task to write a set of instructions to an alien about something you think you are good at.
Later on in the day we rehearsed our Cheltenham Festival entries- "You're My Hero" And �Midsummer Night�s Dream�.           Finally we had a 45 minutes Science Test A to practice for SATs.

In the morning we did some work on ratio because this was one of the areas our class struggled with in various tests. Next we worked on our comprehension skills, while marking our previous test. After that we did science test B followed by marking it and writing down our mistakes which would help us in other tests. Lastly we did different circuit games with Mr Greenwood which was very enjoyable.

To start off our day we did some co-ordinates which also was identified as a area which needed to be worked on by the majority of the class. This was followed by a full rehearsal of both entries, and we were given feedback on what would help us improve. Next Mr Winter did some cricket skills with us such as bowling, batting and fielding.

After assembly we did maths groups where in Mr Winter's group we did revision sheets. Then we did English groups where in Mr Briggs group we did     

     Week begining 30th April 2012/ cont
narrative poetry and read a pied pipers poem to give an idea of what our task was. In Mr Winters group we did letter writing. After that we did music where we had to perform plays evolved round an opera that Mr Davis is planning to take our class after school one day. In French we had to read some French paragraphs of different genres of writing and work out what they meant. We also wrote about our ideal house in French it was very challenging.

To start off the day we had to finish our cover pages then we started our project by learning about World War 1 and the following events. Then we did circle time where we talked about problems in the class and SATs where we gave advice to people who are worried about them.
After break time we marked our previous science with Mr Winter we all improved from the last paper. After lunch Mr Brigg carried on his talking about the war and events round that period of time. After that we did our Cheltenham festival entries to year 5 and they showed theirs to us and we gave each other constructive criticism. Then we went home after a wonderful week at school. BY Izzy and Charlie           Week begining 21st May 2012

Monday the 21st of May
Some of the children that were working on level 6 did level 6 reading comprehension assessments which we hope will go very well! There was also a school council meeting and after school there was cooking where they made CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! YUM! There was Rugby and Nature Club on aswell.

Tuesday the 22nd of Ma
Father Mark came in to give us an assembly about pentacost. Then there was another level 6 test but this time was for maths. There was a kwik cricket tournament in Banbury and orchestra and tennis after school.

Wednesday the 23rd of May 2012-05
A Candidate for the new french teacher came in.There was an eco schools meeting and choir after school aswell.

Thursday the 24th of Ma
The children who were going to Marlbrough went to Marlbrough for an induction day. All the orchestras from the other Warriner partnership schools and they were rehearsing all day until 2 o�     
     Week begining 21st May 2012/ cont
clock when there was a performance to the parents.

Friday the 25th May 2012-05
Today a dog handler came in for Year 4. In Year 6 we did a science test. !YAY! There was cricket club after school and talk homework was if you were the king or queen for the day what would you do? See you next week but, until now, have a great weekend!

Happy Reading,
Jake Simpson & Henrietta Gibbs