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     Week beginning 6th September 2010

This week Year 6 have been settling into the routines of the class and learning about all the responsibilities of being a Year 6 pupil at Dr Radcliffe�s School. We have had to get used to remembering all our different jobs � sometimes people forget and need to be reminded!!!

Our project this term will be all about Australia, so far we have learnt about the different states of Australia and their capital cities. We learnt to sing the Australian national anthem and the symbolism of their flag. We found out that Australia was one of the most ancient countries in the world and this is why they have such unique landscape and wildlife.

Our art project this term is all to do with Aboriginal art and so far we have learnt about Aboriginal Dreamtime stories as well as looking at pictures. They use lots of different patterns, especially dots and earthy, natural colours.

We have been working our way through some assessments to see what we really need to work on this year.

In circle time we have been looking at           thoughts and feelings as well as thinking about how we act when we have different teachers. We also made up our own rules for the class. We are working really hard to improve our handwriting and presentation as this is something that needs work.

This week we earned all our film points and were allowed to watch ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ in \Friday film club time, which we are thoroughly enjoying!!

We have also been working on writing treasure stories and our spellings were based on words for treasure stories. In maths we have been learning about multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We also went swimming for the first time this year.

So far so good and we can’t wait to learn more!! We are also looking forward to the Christmas production and some people say they’re even looking forward to SATs!!!
We are writing this blog as a whole class so that we can learn how to write our own blogs in the future when we are prefects – we hope you find it interesting. Please check in for issue two next week.

     Week beginning 13th September 2010

In class 6 we have started our Aboriginal art, which is linked to our Australia topic. We have been doing some Aboriginal art with oil pastels. We have also done an Aboriginal fact file although that was linked into the art so not everyone has done the fact file.

As well, we have been talking about giving compliments to each other, and replying. People have said it is hard because they do not know how to react and reply without seeming rude.

We have also started doing character descriptions about our own made up characters e.g. Buck. We have been describing what they looked and what they did. Also, in Literacy workshops we have been making maps, and so next week we can make stories, and they will be in the style of The Lord Of The Rings.

In games we have been doing tag rugby,hocky and net ball which we got into groups and practiced the sports by doing matches.           We have also been doing swimming on Wednesdays which we have been split up into groups of ability and we have been taking tests to improve our swimming and move up groups for improvers, confident etc groups.

Week beginning 20th September 2010

It is the third week of year 6, and we have already settled in to the class and we are really enjoying it. Here is what we have been doing this week.

On Monday, we were learning about odd and even numbers. It was great fun! We have also been doing our spellings, ending with Sion, tion and cian. Our focus on English has been about Passive and active. For example: James had put up the flag-Active, and the passive one is: The flag was being put up.

On Tuesday, we have been working on our talk partner�s biography. We learnt all about them and their life. In Maths, we have been playing games like countdown. Countdown is a game where you have a number, like 265, and lots of other numbers, like 3, 9, 1 3 and 2.

     Week beginning 20th September 2010/ cont

You have to do lots of different sums to make 265, the numbers cannot be repeated! \In the afternoon, we did games. Some people did hockey, some people did netball, and some people did tag rugby!

On Wednesday, we went swimming. It was great fun. There are three levels, the confidence stage, the beginner’s stage and the improver’s stage. Some passed there test to get into the higher stage. In maths, we learnt about multiples and factors!

On Thursday, we were doing writers workshop and Maths groups. Year 5 always join in. In the afternoon, we did music. We sang a song that was really fun. We also had French. We learnt about the story of the Crow and the fox, but the story was in French, so we learnt a lot of new words!           On Friday, we had our test hour. We did our spellings that we had to learn and we also tested our times tables to find out if we knew them well. We went to church for our harvest festival. We were thinking about the people who are less fortunate than us. We also learnt about R.E. We were talking about all the different religions in the world and what they worshipped. After that we had circle time where we talked about our feelings and lots of games like pass the squeeze, there is a space of my right and the props game!

We have really enjoyed this week, and we can’t wait until next week!

Week beginning 27th September 2010

Welcome to the 5th issue of the year 6 blog.

This week in history, we learnt all about James Cook. We did a fact file about him in a Horrible History style. Our geography work was linked to this topic. We learnt about the route that James Cook led on his voyage.

     Week beginning 27th September 2010/ cont

In Maths, we learnt all about 2d shapes – could you explain the difference between the following shapes: parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, square, trapezium and kite? No – well ask year 6 they can!!! Mr Brigg thought of a funny way to remember how what an parallelogram and a rhombus look like – if you want to know you will have to ask year 6.We also learnt how to compile frequency tables and pictograms. It was great fun!!!

In English, we wrote a descriptive piece of text about the playground and we used our spellings to help us. We also wrote about Autobiographies. Some did a Autobiography about their first day at School, while some did their first day on the playground.

In Science, we learnt about circuits and shadows. This was our first lesson in Science to write in our science books. It was lots of fun.           
In RE, we are learning about the 5 most popular religions. They are Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. We learnt where their places of worship were, and all about them.

In art, we did our oil pastel painting. We drew those in Aboriginal style. We have also been looking at dream time stories and changing them into Aboriginal style comic strips.

We really enjoyed swimming. It was great fun!!!!!

Thanks for reading this weeks issue of our blog, and please read again next week!

Yours sincerely Ella and Natalie and the rest of year 6.

     Week beginning 4th October 2010

On Monday Mr Brigg was away with some of the class at St Edwards School in Oxford so we had Mrs Marshall and Miss Marshall taking the class instead
In the morning we spent some time finishing off work from last week and had early play,
We had early play because it was quiz club, the class 6 team for the main quiz is going to be Charlie, Imogen and Noah as reserve.
We also wrote down our new list of spellings.
In the afternoon we learnt about food chains and plant cycles.
At the end of the day we had a fantastic time designing aboriginal art work using string, we are looking forward to finishing these of next week.

Mr Brigg was also off on Tuesday at a course, after assembly we worked hard on sub-ordinate clauses, which was harder than we though!
During maths we learnt about measurements.
In the afternoon we all really enjoyed working in groups and designing fair grounds rides, this is a long term D and T           project, we will have the opportunity to make our designs come to life.

Mr Brigg was back on a Wednesday first we went into Assembly and Rebecca and Jamie got their prefect badges.
After Assembly it was literacy looking at poetry. After play we carried on studying measurements.
After lunch the whole class went swimming.

On Thursday after finishing off we had hymn practice and the whole school sang songs.
After hymn practice we went into our writing groups then we had break
After break we went into our maths groups then we had lunch
After lunch we had French with Mrs Undrill
After French we had music with Mrs Rymer

On Friday morning we finished of the work we hadn’t finished.
Next we sat in a circle for circle time.
After play we had test hour.
After lunch we had handwriting practice followed by R.E

     Week beginning 11th October 2010

On Monday we studied homophones and high frequency spellings. Also we looked at crime and punishment in the late 18th century. After that we made pictures out of string. We all enjoyed that!
On Tuesday we learnt arithmetic skills. It helped us a lot. Next we invented extended metaphor poems. Then we learnt about what each part of a flower does and what it is called. At the end of the day we had games with year 5 some people did tag rugby some people did hockey and some did netball.
Wednesday was an eventful day with music teachers teaching us songs all morning. We finished the poems and solved some mathematic problems. Then we swam all afternoon.
On Thursday we had hymn practice and English groups. Next we finished work we hadn�t completed. After that we asked and answered questions in French. Then we sang songs in music.
On Friday we did circle time and celebrated differences. We then had our spelling and times table tests and had high marks. We then did some handwriting. We then finished the week with R.E           Week beginning 1 November 2010

This week year six have been learning about micro-organisms in science (micro-organisms are simple life forms which cannot be seen by the naked eye � such as bacteria and germs), angles in maths, a modern version of Twelfth Night in English and continued our fairground D.T project.

On Tuesday the year six class were reunited for the first time after half term. They put in the best they could into their work (the half term break must of helped!) In English they converted the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night into modern language, The results were great and year six are now master playwrights. In maths they learnt all about angles, obtuse, acute and reflex. They worked really hard.

On Wednesday we continued our angles work and completed the angles section in our text books. In the afternoon we went swimming for the last time at Spiceball in Banbury we had a surprise fun session with floats and balls and some of us even passed our tests.

     Week beginning 1 November 2010/ cont

On Thursday we had hymn practice in the morning then had maths and English groups. At the end of the day we did French and music. That afternoon our of our class went to take part in a maths competition against 77 other teams from all over Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire – they did brilliantly well and actually achieved second place overall.

On Friday we had a surprise test hour! We had to do 20 spellings that are based on the most frequent spellings that children can’t spell. After that we had our last D.T on the fun fair rides! We were all shocked when we realised we only had 2 hours to complete our projects and worked really hard. At the time of writing the children are working madly to finish their projects.

This week’s blog was brought to you by Bethany Peace and Imogen Parsons. Enjoy!           Week beginning 15 November 2010/

Hi reader,
Here are some things that we have been doing this week.
In English, we were writing our spellings, all to do with prefixes and suffixes. We were also writing film reviews about a film we have watched. It was great fun!
In Maths, we were learning about doubling and halving and doing some adding and subtracting. It was very exciting!
In Science, we were doing a experiment to see what would evaporate quicker: salt, sugar, soap powder and soda crystals. It was extremely fun to see which one would be first!
In ICT, we were creating spreadsheets. We used a tool called Excel and were creating different graphs.
In RE, we were learning about religious festivals. We had to work in pairs. It was great!
In History/Geography, we were mapping Australia. We had to draw Australia and we had to draw on them the stages of adding the different states. It was brilliant!!!
Thanks for reading! Natalie and Max

     Week beginning 29 November 2010

Hi reader this is a recount of the things we did this week in year six.

On Monday we did some history work about a certain Australian animal of our choice. We had to Do an information page on our chosen animal we enjoyed it thoroughly.

On Tuesday we went to a theatre play called Rapunzel or the magic pig. It was staged in the mirror tent, a huge tent with a stage in it set as a round. It was a brilliant play and everyone loved it!

On Wednesday we did some rehearsing for are Christmas production �The Three Little Pigs� which is going very well.
The three pigs Isabelle Williamson pig one, Yolanda martin pig two and Charlie Ellis pig three are all taking the part well.

On Thursday we did french and music, in music we practised our Christmas carols including Hark the herald angels sing and o,come all ye faithful. In French we studied the Belgian artist rene margritte.           Today we did some work on different Australian animals we also did our tests and got enough film points to watch a dvd during lunch time. Mr Brigg was out this afternoon, so Mrs Marshall and Miss Marshall took us for a RE lesson and we got chance to rehearse our class play, Mrs Marshall had not seen the play yet so we hope she enjoys watching.

By Freddie Taylor and Yolanda Martin

Week beginning 13 December 2010

This week year 6 had a great time enjoying the small layer of snow and performing their play. �The Three Little Pigs� (see the photo�s on the celebration and performance page).

On Monday year 6 started a piece of work on Australian tourism in the different cities. They had to pick a city and then look on the internet about that city, after that they had an intense rehearsal before they performed their show to the rest of the school. The play went well and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

     Week beginning 13 Dec 2010/ cont

On Tuesday everyone struggled through the day and waited in anticipation for the performance in the evening. The performance seemed to go brilliantly and everyone had a fantastic time, but it couldn’t last and soon it was over.

The next day, Wednesday, we got the brilliant news that Creation Theatre were going to send Richard Kidd, one of their actors, to come and do a workshop at our school. We then finished off our work on Australian tourism before the afternoon. In the afternoon the choir and orchestra had a practise before we finished the day by watching a film.

The next day was Thursday and we spent the morning practising for the candlelight service. We came back at break time, and as Mr Winter knew that we liked a Child’s Christmas in Wales, that we studied last year as it is a poem. So as a treat he let us watch it. In the afternoon, instead of having French and music we watched a film which everyone enjoyed.

The last day of the week and term, Friday!!! This day we got to bring in toys and we spent an amazing day playing games. Better than doing maths!!! Mr Brigg taught a group of us to play speed scrabble – which is a highly addictive version of the board game!! He also taught another group to play Othello.
May we take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy Christmas and happy New Year.

By Richard Wood and Abbey Anson

Week beginning 10 Jan 2011

Monday - On Monday we had a class assembly, in which we discussed our fund raising for the Wizard of Oz trip to the London Palladium, Mrs Marshall also booked our workshop at the Globe Theatre in London - we are going to take part in a workshop on '12th Night' . We also continued our work for our London project, which included our collages about london, and lost in London flashbacks. We worked on maths, percentages.

     Week beginning 10 Jan 2011/ cont

Tuesday - Today we did another aspect of our London project, in which we planned a day out in London. We had to calculate the price, time, and how many stops it would take on the Tube. You could take a friend or family, and have a meal, in the afternoon, and if you want a meal in the evening. We also did games, in which you could choose which group you would like to be in, multisports, football or netball.

Wednesday - On Wednesday, we did some more on our London project. As this is a creative curriculum, Mr Brigg gives us a list of pieces of work to be worked on, or hopefully finish. We work through the list of tasks, until it is all done. We also had assembly, and the theme for the term is Trust. We talked about responsibilities that we are trusted with at home or at school, and whether we are trustworthy or not.           

Thursday - Today we did Hymn Practice, and practiced with our new music teacher, Mr Davies. He is great Music teacher and very fun. After this, we Split up into our literacy groups, and after break we did maths groups, in which we are split into ability groups. In the afternoon, we had a french lesson with Mrs Undrill, and a Music lesson with Mr Davies. We have been learning a song.

Friday - On Friday, we continued with our London project, and did our pen and ink sketches. We had a picture, and observed it by sketching with a thin tipped ink pen. Afterwards, we had circle time. In the afternoon, we did some handwriting, because, Mr Brigg says our handwriting is going downhill, since we came back from our holiday. In the last lesson of the week, we continued our R.E project about holy festivals around the world, Eid, Christmas, Diwali, Ak Hand Path and Rosh Hashanah.

     Week beginning 17 Jan 2011

Hi Reader,
Welcome to this weeks blog of year 6.

We have started work on our practice S.A.Ts for May. We have completed two science papers, two writing assessments, three maths papers and one spelling test.

We have also been finishing our collages of London which we have been doing for some time now which are looking great. Also to add to our creative curriculum for the term we have been planning the cheapest but most exciting day out in London, which involves understanding the Underground map and visiting lots of different museums and monuments.

We have been making ideas for the forth statue/plinth in Trafalgar Square. We have drawn out a base for the fourth plinth and thought of a famous person that they think is worthy for the spot. Some people that have chosen are Winston Churchill and Shakespeare as their chosen well-known figure.

In our Maths and English Workshops we have been working hard to go up groups to get better. We have been practising writing an April fools news report, complex sentences and joining words in English. In Maths we have been refining our maths skills by going back over the areas of maths we found difficult in the practice tests and working on improving our knowledge of these areas.

In music we have been learning different songs and games, our new music teacher Mr Davis is a cheerful, funny and caring we look forward to the year ahead with our new music teacher. We also had a fun P.E. lesson with Mrs Marshall on Wednesday.

Read our blog again next week please,
From Ella and Jon.

Week beginning 24 Jan 2011

On Monday, we started off the day with a classroom assembly. We talked about all issues that needed to be covered. We then prepared for the "big write", the topic was about if boys and girls should be

     Week beginning 24 Jan 2011/ cont

educated separately. We had to write both sides of the argument and then our own opinion. After that, we did some multiplication methods.

On Tuesday, we had our school assembly which Naomi, Yolanda and Ella who prepared the assembly.
We then followed up to S.A.T�s mathematics, such as long multiplication, 3D shapes and working on general mistakes. We had to choose a London show that we wanted to go and see and write about it.

On Wednesday, we had another school assembly then we had to write a pretend letter to parents about a day out in London as a school trip. After the letters we made up leaflets for a London theatre. After lunch the girls went to computer suite to finish their budget work while the boys finished their DT task. At the end of the day we did swing dancing girls and boys together. It was so embarrassing!!           
On Thursday, we had hymn practise with our new music teacher. After singing we had our writers work shop, and then our maths groups, the groups are chosen by our ability of the work. In the afternoon we had music and some French to finish off.

On Friday, we finished off all our London work and then had circle time based on whether first appearances count. After a break we had spellings and times tables. After lunch we did RE looking at how different religious communities are associated with certain areas of London. At the end of the day we did a debate on who is the best TV or film character.

Week beginning 31 Jan 2011
This week we have been doing practise SATs tests all week. First we had the big write, it's where we have talk home work and on Monday this week we wrote about who is the best T.V or film character ever? We had 45 minutes to write one page or more.
This week�s project focus is all about 'the history of London'. We had to high-light extracts of nformation.

     Week beginning 7 Feb 2011

Dear readers,
This week class six were relieved from practice SATS, but they still had their lessons to attend.

As normal we did the big write, this week it was on the topic of religious dress codes and whether or not followers should be forced to wear them. We had some amazing results from all the class.
In maths we did some follow up work from our SATS, one of the things we went over was ratio.
Year six's clay modelling skills where really put the test as we modelled our figures for our 3-D 4th plinth, let�s just say it was very interesting and everyone loved it.

We continued our London project in the morning and after a playful break we settled down to the world of areas of rectangles and compound shapes, Interesting.
We continued our follow-up science work and looked forward to new activities in games.           WEDNESDAY
After a brilliant assembly class six settled down to finish our London work we got on and completed a lot of tasks.
After break we continued with maths using maths Whizz on the smart board at 2 O’clock the class did a rehearsal for the three little pigs which we are performing for the valentines club on Tuesday the 15th February.

The girls were in for a treat, as you may know a year 6 girls netball tournament was rescheduled because of the weather but for the girls the day improved because our head cook Mrs Quist had scheduled a meeting with the girls to make fruit pies to raise money for the class trip to London. Yum!
The girls really enjoyed this activity and the boys will have a chance to do the same on the 17th February.

On Friday we had circle time about dealing with success and failure we also played pass the squeeze and the prop game.

     Week beginning 7 Feb 2011/ cont

We also took part in a handwriting exercise in our amazing London project books.
At the end of the day we had a class debate on whether or not the Royal Family should be abolished.

We had a brilliant week and completed a lot of work which put a smile on everyone's face.

By Yolanda Martin

Week beginning 14 Feb 2011

This week class six have been trying extra hard to raise money for our London trip to the Wizard of Oz and our workshop at the Globe Theatre.

London Trip
As we have done a sponsored handwriting test and made some more pudding pie�s which will hopefully raise a reasonable sum of money.

We have also been doing French which is focussed on the subject of retelling story in French and English.           Music
In Music we have been doing singing and in hymn practice we have been focusing on the beat.

In Maths we have been focusing on Mean, Mode and Median. We also learnt how to use a conversion graph to convert between different currencies, for example.

This week we did the big write on an alternative ending to a well known story. We also had a choice of tasks to research all about the history of Victorian London. We chose to find out all about Charles Dickens, the history of the London underground, the Great Exhibition of 1851 and Dr Barnado.

We have been rotating on ICT and DT, in DT making plinths for a model of a person made out of clay that you think should go on the fourth plinth, Trafalgar square and in ICT finishing off our Excel Spreadsheets where we had �500 plan all the things we would need in a classroom for a year.

     Week beginning 14 Feb 2011/ cont

Following this we had to review what we had spent the money on and decide if we had made the most sensible decisions.

We hope to have made a huge sum of money towards our trip from the handwriting, wish us luck. Thankyou if you have sponsored someone in Class 6 it has really helped us to raise the money towards our class trip.

Yours Faithfully,
Edward and Johnnie

Week beginning 28 Feb

Dear Reader
This week was our first week back to school after the half term. At the beginning of the week we were all a bit tired but by Friday we got back in the swing of things.

On Monday, in the morning we did Maths practice SAT test paper A! It was hard but we all managed to do it.
After break we did the big write. The big write is a homework set by Mr. Brigg. He           gives us a question which we discuss with our family then write about. In the afternoon we started our “London in Peril” work. We had to find out about all the London disasters and put them on a timeline.
Finally at the end of the day we finished our 3D plinths!

On Tuesday we did another Maths practice SATS paper test B!
After break we took part in an English practice SATS paper test A.
In the afternoon we started our science work on forces and did some work on the board about it.
Afterwards we did games either doing football, multi sports or netball.

On Wednesday we had another two SATS tests on English which led us up to lunch.
In the afternoon we were in the computer suite finishing any of our work or putting the final touches on are 3D plinths.
We also did an obstacle course in P.E again which we do not normally do on a Wednesday.
This was great fun!

     Week beginning 28 Feb 2011/ cont

On Thursday morning we had Hymn practice with Mr Davis and learnt some funny new songs.
After break we had a 4 minute melt down instead of our Maths and English groups.
After lunch we had French with Mrs Undrill and Music with Mr Davis until the end of the day.

On Friday we did a mental Maths paper. We found it quite hard but other people in the class may not agree.
Some people in the class were luckily enough to go the Quiz Club, which took place in our school hall, also we came 1st and 3rd! Well done to everyone on the quiz team!
In addition to that we went to the woods in our school grounds and had circle time there, we played lots of games and had so much fun. Hopefully when the weather is dry we can do it again.
Finally at the end of the day we had R.E, it was our last day for doing our religious festival work. All of us aimed to finish and most of us succeeded.

By Imogen, Bethany and Naomi           Week beginning 7 March 2011

Dear Reader,
This week we have been able to go on a trip to London and Oxford, it has been a busy week but some wonderful experiences!

For the past few months year 6 have been raising money in different ways to hopefully take the coach to London to see a breath-taking performance of the Wizard of Oz! To go on the trip to London we had to raise £1500, we managed to raise £1700 which enabled us to have ice creams and a programme each.

We also went to the Globe Theatre and did a workshop on Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare, which some members of year 6 are currently putting together to perform at the Cheltenham festival in May. Having grown up in London as a child, Mr Winter (year 5 teacher) came with us on the trip, and knowing the area so well, did a tour around London whilst we ate our lunch on the bus, it was amazing!

     Week beginning 7 March 2011/ cont

After having a busy day on Wednesday, we had another trip on Thursday to the fire station in Oxford – this to take part in the ‘junior citizen Programme’. It was amazing and taught us lessons we would never forget in the case of: a fire, an accident, or meeting strangers at night! There were seven scenarios in different rooms we were split into groups, and had to go around dealing with them one at a time and had 10-15 minutes on each station.

The week has been so busy but really fulfilling. We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and catching up on our jam-packed week! We had so much fun!

Thank You!
By William Rymer and Naomi Ridgway

Week beginning 14 March 2011

Dear Reader,
Even though we had a lot of tests this week, it was still very fun and enjoyable. Here is what we have been doing.           Monday
On Monday, we kicked off the week with a class assembly. We talked about anything we needed to discuss. We then did our test A maths sheet. It was quite hard, but we tackled it OK! We then carried on with our London project work and did some work on our London trip.

On Tuesday, we cracked on with our Maths test B. It seemed much harder than the test A, even though we had a calculator! We also did our Reading Comprehension test called rain and shine. We then did a Science test, which was just a test so Mr Brigg knew what we know of Science. After that, we went into our sports day teams and played a Netball tournament. Cherwell came fourth, Evenlode came third and Isis and Windrush drew first place.

On Wednesday, we did our shorter writing test. We had to pretend we were writing a page of our School memories. We then did a longer writing task and spelling test. We had to write a biography of a man called Pip Davenport.

Week beginning 14 March 2011/ cont

In the afternoon, we did some dancing for our London Cheltenham play. We danced to a group called Pet Shop Boys.

On Thursday, we had to create a questionnaire about anything we wanted. We then gave it to the person sitting next to us and they had to fill it out. We then did our French class and made a poster of what we liked. In music, we made a map of a train going from one station to another, because we were listening to train music.

On Friday, it was red nose day. We got to wear our home clothes and had to bring in a pound. We did circle time which was about our behaviour in class. We also played some games. We did some unseen spellings and some times tables. We then did our Mental Maths paper and Mr Brigg gave the results of our Maths sats. After lunch, we did some handwriting practise and our R.E work, which was about all the five main religions there are.           To finish off the day, we carried on with our London work. Overall, year 6 had a fabulous week. Read next weeks blog to find out what happens next week. Thanks for reading! Natalie and Max

Week beginning 21 March 2011

Monday: Today when we got into class we did some basic maths revision. We also did some Sats practise. We then went on to do our weekly big write on who we would like to invite to a dinner party! We then spent the rest of the afternoon on our topic 'The London 2012 Olympics'!

Tuesday: In the morning we continued work on our questionnaires. We then played a fun maths game called the loop game in which we used cards with different numbers and questions. Then we practised science paper B in which we revisited different areas of science. Then we had games where we played inter-house rugby.

Wednesday: Today we wrote a piece of explanation text about the earth using a bank of information compiled by the class. Next we looked at maths wiz to find out how to find 10% of different numbers. Then we watched some of our finished

Week beginning 21 March 2011/ cont

Then we watched some of our finished London power points which were very interesting.

Thursday: In the morning we did the usual maths and writers workshops. In the afternoon we did music and French in which we watched a French play which was very exiting.

Friday: This morning we had an hour and a half of finishing off time. Then we had test hour from which we earned film points for Friday Film Club. Finally we did some beautiful hand writing and carried on with our RE task. By Freddie Taylor and Levi Steele.

Week beginning 28 March 2011
Dear Reader,
Here is the Year 6 Blog for this fun-filled week.

The subject of the Big Write this week was: "What sports do you believe should be included in the Olympics that are not currently in the Olympic programme?"           We all enjoyed thinking and discussing possible events. Here are some of the ideas that came up: Rugby, Cricket, Fishing, Monster-Truck Racing and Tiddlywinks!!! We then continued studying the London 2012 Olympics. The tasks were to design our own mascot(s) and to do a fitness test and record the results. Our weird and wonderful creations wowed everyone.

Today was an exciting day because of the inter-house cross-country race. Levi Steele (Cherwell) won the boys race and Abbey Anson (Windrush) won the girls but Evenlode won overall. Only Cherwell have something to win so come on Cherwell! Also the Most Improved Writers’ were picked in Assembly. For our class, Holly Wellbourne + Freddie Taylor were picked by Mr Brigg. Well done you two!

Wednesday bought a flurry of costumes, face paint and last minute line-learning as the Year 3 and 4 dress rehearsals dawned upon us. They performed amazingly and all kept us entertained. In the afternoon we finished choreographing our dance for the Cheltenham Festival.

     Week beginning 28 March 2011/ cont

Thursday bought Maths and English groups. After that we wrote a review of �Les Adventure de Lapin�. In Music we composed our train pieces, with lots of noise and excitement!!!

In Circle Time we talked about School Meals (with Kate Quist). We thought of a few dishes that Kate said were going back on the Menu in the Summer Term. Yippee!!! We then had Test Hour, which resulted in generally high marks.

We hope you enjoy reading this Blog as much as we enjoyed writing it.
Best Wishes,
Lucy Ward and Alfie Thatcher.

Week beginning 23 May

Monday 23rd
We started the day by filling in geography skills books, and at the end of the term , these will be collected in and the owner of the best book, chosen by Mr. Brigg will win an award. We also made the front covers of our history books, with the title           Week beginning 23 May/ cont

Britain in the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's and 1950�s.

Tuesday 24th
Today we had a very enjoyable session of body combat, with Mr Greenwood who comes in to teach us multi skills. This took place outside on the playground, and even Mr. Brigg broke into a sweat! In addition to this, we had a maths session in the morning, with Mr. Brigg.

Wednesday 25th
Because we had just started our project on Britain in the 1920's - 1950's, we learnt about the build up to the great depression, about World War I, also known as The Great War, and about the treaty of Versailles, the cunning Dawes plan of how to get the German economy up and running and then retrieve the reparations, and the Wall Street crash. We also had another session of body combat with Mr. Brigg.

Thursday 26th
In the morning we attended Hymn practice, and then later on we had body combat, and then had a game of rounder�s with a very little amount of people, as most were at Banbury

     Week beginning 23 May/ cont

rounders with a very little amount of people, as most were at Banbury cricket club competing in a Warriner partnership cricket tournament in which some schools didn't attend due to the weather. We also had two hours of French and music.

Friday 27th
In the morning we did some more bar graph science work in our books. We also had circle time in the class room. We then had to fill in our mental maths sheets. During the afternoon we had our chalk drawings, in which all the classes go out to their patch of playground to draw their pictures

Week beginning 6 June

Welcome to this week's blog. This week we have been practising summer dance day dancing we have chosen to swing dance to hairspray songs. We have been doing more work on the 1900s including World War 1 and 2.
On Wednesday we were researching the Wall Street Crash. We played a game to help us understand exactly what happened and the big affect it caused.

          The netball team took part in The County Finals and were unsuccessful, but were rewarded with Haribos from Mrs Blagrove. Yum!

Today we researched Pablo Picassos "Guernica". We had to draw parts of this eccentric painting. We discovered that it was painted in 1937.
Today we researched Pablo Picassos "Guernica".

We also had a power-cut on Tuesday and we had to have cheese sandwiches for lunch. We also had to practice body-combat to Mr Greenwood’s iphone.

This week Mr Brigg has been writing our school reports which he has worked very hard on...

Thank You for reading this week's blog.
Best Wishes Ella And Jon.

     Week beginning 13 June

Monday 13th of June
In the morning we did a 30 or 34 Question math test. Then we had to go into the hall for assembly. After assembly we did a bit of work on 1920s - 1950s. Later after we did the work on 1920s -1950s, we did some swing dancing. After swing dancing we did some more 1920s - 1950s work.

Tuesday 14th of June
This morning we began with some quiet readingabout recycling. We did some 1920s � 1950s work and then some maths.
Later after maths we swing dancing then finally we did games.

Wednesday 15th of June
We started off the day by doing assembly then we did life in the 1930s and some people did PowerPoint�s. After break we did DT starting to do our motors and that carried on until 2:00pm. Then the people how to Warriner went of with Mr Farmer to chat about what it will be like next year, whilst the others did body and after the we did a quiz boys vs. girls.           Thursday 16th of June
We did hymn practice whilst the cyclers went off to do cycling. London in the 1920s to 40s until lunch time. After that we did French then music.

Friday 17th of June
We started off the day by doing an essay on the World War 2 until lunch and we are now doing circle time. Bye hope you enjoy this

Week beginning 20 June

Through out the week we have been working on the persecution of the Jews during WW2 and Hitler�s reign as part of our project Life In The 1920s, 30s and 40s.

We also, on Tuesday did our summer dance day voting.
Congratulations to Johnnie Parker and Imogen Parsons who where voted summer King and Queen.

Also this week we have also been practising our swing dancing, and maypole dancing which we are preparing for summer dance day (those coming to watch we hope you�ll enjoy). ..

     Monday 20th of June/ cont
We have also been practicing our geography skills by filling in a few more pages of our long lasting geography books. We also practised our body combat which we will be performing.

The whole school is buzzing after the exciting assembly announcing the line up for international sports week which will include a series of sport for the whole school.
Even the teachers will play Year 6 in a rounders match!

We finished off the week with a session of swing and maypole dancing and so far so good.
We settled down for an afternoon of watching our fabulous PowerPoints on any famous person.
By Yolanda Martin and Rozi Lowe

Monday 27th of June
This week is National school Sports Week organised by Lloyds TSB Banking Association.
We had an opening ceremony which involved the whole school and included a mass body combat routine and specially woven dances etc.           Over the course of the week we have been involved in a variety different sports including; inter-house cricket and tug of war. We also participated in a staff versus Year 6 rounder’s game and tug- of –war match.
The teams had a chance to achieve their personal best and support their teammates in the running course of events.

This week practising our dance routines for summer dance day. Unfortunately for us one of our classmates has suffered an injury and has been excluded from some such activities!

Another ongoing activity currently being rehearsed is Twelfth night filled up with extras and tasty snippets. Also on the go is the oiling up A Day Out performance, both were winners at Cheltenham!!

So here you go another week in the eyes of year 6. Wish us luck on summer dance day, and hope that everything goes according to plan. Only three weeks to go before we break up. Hooray!!!
Best Wishes for the future.
Hannah and Edward