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2010 KS2 Sports Day

Friday 25th June was the hottest sports day for a long time, but this did not seem to have an adverse affect on the children. In fact, there were a number of nail-bitingly exciting races which made England's performance in the World Cup look even poorer! There was no clear lead for any of the 4 teams throughout the afternoon, with final positions being decided in the last few races.
Overall winners were Bannister (Red/Evenlode) and Redgrave (Blue/Cherwell) were the winners of the Norris Cup. Well done to all the Juniors for your fine efforts in such heat.
  Gold Silver Bronze  
Year 6 Girls Maisie Georgina Ruby  
Year 6 Boys Taro Jonty Nathan  
Year 5 Girls Abbey Yolanda Naomi  
Year 5 Boys Levi Richard Johnnie  
Year 4 Girls Charlotte Imogen Ella  
Year 4 Boys Tom Sam James  
Year 3 Girls Rebecca Anna Claudia  
Year 3 Boys Joe Caspar Xavier  
4 x 50m Relay Winners
Year 6 Jonty Jasmine Amy James
Year 5 Johnnie Max Natalie Lucy
Year 4 Issy Charlotte Jesper Tom
Year 3 Thomas Joe Claudia Katherine