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3rd September to the 4th 2009

It seems strange to be back at school in year 6 after such a long holiday; it’s nice to see every one again.
Our first job was the flag. Thursday morning we were all out standing around the flag with a terrible wind, while I and Maisie were trying to catch the flag. Finally the flag was up but twisted!
After the flag we sat down to work, we all had great holidays. We got to write about it. Mr Brigg introduced our Geography topic for this term. Who ever knew Australia was so interesting!

It’s our second day and we all love it. We got our film points and are ready to watch Friday film club. Circle time was great. See you next week.

By Amy and Maisie           7th - 11th September 2009

We got our spellings �very hard to remember! We got to do some aboriginal art but not with pencils but with pastels Just a normal hard working day We learnt our history and geography topic-Australia. Did you know � Sydney is 17, 000, 000 metres away from London � a long walk!!!

PE got to pick our awesome sport for the next 4 weeks-Hockey, Netball and Football great. We started our science work on plant growth its pretty good fun did you know pollutant can kill plants?

We did 2 mind boggling practice SATs (this will help Mr Brigg see what areas of maths we need to work on most this year!!) Swimming for whole afternoon-talcum powder spilt everywhere in a bag

     7th - 11th September 2009/ cont

Maths with lots of confusing numbers. English finishing of our tragic treasure stories. French and other languages including Czech which is very hard (learning from 1 to ten).

Circle time doing activities such as, the people that swim in the pool, today I’m feeling, there’s a space on my left and talking about peer pressure. Friday film club-watching Cheaper by The Dozen. For the second week and we still haven’t finished it !!

This week's blog was by James and Amy

14th - 18th September 2009

Monday- Monday was a hard working day, everyone trying to work at their best. We started with a challenging maths sheet and then marked it to see what we had got out of 36! Afterwards we put connectives into interesting sentences followed by writing our mind - boggling spellings into our list books!           After we started a topic on Aboriginal people by writing a fact box and a pretty border around it! We then did a bit of fun art, aboriginal pictures � using oil pastels!

Tuesday- On Tuesday we had a calming assembly, followed by our literacy, complex sentences � this is a sentence which includes a sub-ordinate clause! Then we did a bit of maths, working on the smart board first and then doing dividing in our maths books! After lunch we started science, how animals and plants are adapted! Our last hour was games, Hockey, High 5 Netball and Football!

Wednesday- We started with assembly, then our great literacy of character descriptions! In maths we continued working on division and on the amazing smart board! On Wednesday we went swimming for the whole afternoon! Great fun!

Thursday- We continued with our literacy! After we did our usual maths! Then we did french with Mrs Undrill and then Music with Mrs Westworth!

     14th - 18th September 2009/ cont

Friday- We started with finishing our unfinished work and then we did our wonderful circle time. Then our difficult test hour! After that we did Handwriting and then R.E. After that our class debate

This week's blog was by Ruby and Liam

21st - 25th September 2009

Today we did so maths and we did Multiplication and division with Mr Brigg. After Break we did geography and the subject for the term is Australia. In the afternoon we did some Aboriginal Art where we are drawing our own aboriginal picture with pastels.

Today we had assembly with Mr Ashworth the year 4 teacher. Afterwards we did common multiplies and times table grids. After break we did active and passive sentences. Then we finished off our fact sheet in the afternoon about Aboriginal people and we had to do a border. Then we carried on with our aboriginal art.
We did shapes with Mrs Marshall. We had to write the characteristics of the shapes. Next lesson was Biographies on someone and we had to write facts to help us tomorrow to write them. Today we drew a map of Australia and labelled some of the important features of it.

Today we had to something really exciting we, made charts of shapes and what angles they have and the characteristics of them. Afterwards we wrote the biographies using our facts on our chosen person. We then did french in the afternoon with Mrs Undrill. Later that afternoon we music with Mrs Westworth.

Today we finished off any unfinished work, then we did circle time and Ferdinand spoke in it for the first time. We discussed what made us happy and whispering behind peoples backs are wrong! After break we did test hour which included spelling, times tables and a Quiz (to get all our film points.)

By Rachael E and Louisa G

28th September - 2 October 2009

In the morning we did a maths sheet before looking at grouped data and how to keep tallies to record results in pictograms. After break we had to compile a list of spellings which would be useful in describing a typical school day, with a mixture of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. It was now time for auditions for the lion, the witch and the Wardrobe, meanwhile the other children did research on Captain Cook, then continuing with aboriginal art when the class was altogether.

We then did auto-biographies on our first day where we wanted to do it on. After break we did group data again on pages 49-51, then moving on to look at pictograms. After lunch we copied out a sheet into our science books about food chains. Later that day, we did games and we could choose out of hockey, netball (high 5) and football           Wednesday
Today we started finishing off our biographies and read examples to the class. After break we did work on abacus then looked at sleep data and discussed id grouped into hours slept. The rest of the afternoon we where swimming in Banbury pool.

We started off the day with our maths groups and we identified key areas that need to be developed. Later, after break, we did writers’ workshop and looked at fiction genres rags to riches. In the afternoon we did french with Mrs Undril. Afterwards a whole hour of music with Mrs Westworth.

We started off the day with finishing off, then going on to circle times where we discussed how we can work better as a class. Followed by test hour, including spelling, times tables and mental maths tests.

by Jasmine and Louisa

     5 - 9 October 2009

We did maths, mental arithmetic and word problems, it was quite hard to begin with but then Mr.Brigg showed us how to do it and then we found it easier. After break we had literacy doing poems with a rhythmic beat. It was fairly hard but once we knew the beat it was a little bit easier.

On Tuesday afternoon we were going to have games but it was cancelled because the rain came, so we had science, it was about micro organisms.

We had assembly first thing and when the prefects, Zoe & Faith, went out to get their badges they were embarrassed as stood in front of everyone! After assembly, we did maths, geography and finishing off our poems from yesterday. Then lunch, followed by swimming which was great fun.           Thursday
In the morning we had hymn practice which was good afterwards we went to our maths groups then after break we went to our writer’s workshops. After lunch we had French and music which were both fun in their own way.

First we did some maths, then after break we did our mental maths test. After lunch we had circle time.

By Zoe & Faith

12 - 16 October 2009

Monday the first day of the week and some say happily the first day of work, we started doing Basic Skills Revision in maths to work our heads off so I wonder why they call it basic? (I can�t believe that we�ve been doing it all week)Literacy was after maths doing homophones (also for spellings) learning that even adults have trouble with them!

     12 - 16 October 2009 cont

Before we went to assembly we did basic skills revision. After assembly we did a maths test and Mr.Brigg showed us what was average. Everybody took the test and everybody did really well. Then after we marked are test and quite a lot of people got above average. Then in the afternoon we had a English test. It was harder than the maths.

In maths we had a mental maths test. Then we were able to know what mark we had over all. Then we had an English test which we had to write a comedy. So Mrs Marshal, read us a comedy book so we could have an idea what to write about.

In the morning we didn’t have Mr Brigg. So Mrs Marshal helped us. She wrote on the board some basic revision. So we all did it and Mr Winters and Mrs Brown group had an extra question and nearly every one got it right. Then we did Crime and punishment in the 18th century.<           Friday
We did basic revision then after play we did our spelling test and in the spelling test Mr. Brigg read out a sentence and we had to know the word and how to spell it. After we did a mentel maths test out of 25 and you either are on test a, b,C or d. D is the highest.

by Issy

2 - 6 November 2009

This week we have been working hard on converting between units of measurement including converting from KG�s to lbs and oz. Some of us found it really difficult but we think we have managed to crack it now! Four of our classmates are geniuses and trained hard ready for a Year 6 maths competition at St. Edward�s School � two of them came joint 6th out of over 40 Schools!

We have been making information pages about the different state capitals of Australia, using the school laptops and researching information from the internet. Here are some of the interesting facts that people have found out this week:

     2 - 6 November 2009 cont

<> Alice Springs is the 2nd largest city in the Northern Territory.
<> 17% of the population of Alice Springs are made up of Aboriginal people.
<> 188 Japanese warplanes bombed Darwin during World War 2
<> Sydney is the largest city in Australia.
<> Approximately 4.5 million people visit Sydney Opera House each year.
<> During World War 2 Alice Springs was a station base for supplies.
<> The population of Sydney is 4, 399,722 people.
<> In Alice Springs there are n average 300 sunny days year.
<> Perth is the capital of western Australia.
<> Melbourne has a population of 4 million and is therefore the second biggest city in Australia
<> The capital city of Australia is actually Canberra and is named from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘meeting place’.
<> Until 1966 all pubs in Melbourne closed at 6pm.
<> Sydney Harbour Bridge is the tallest steel bridge in he world.
<> The inhabitants of Sydney are known as Sydneysiders.
          Those are just a few of the things we have learnt this week.

At the moment we are planning the ways we can raise money to go to London to see Oliver! In London’s West End – it will be really expensive so we will need o raise a lot of money! Some of our ideas are:
<> Maisie is going to sell stick insects for a £1 each.
<> A sponsored spelling test.
<> Collecting pound coins in a Smartie tube.
<> Cake and cookie sales.
<> Selling second hand clothes.
<> Selling second hand books.

We are currently rehearsing for our Christmas play – The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe we have been working really hard with Class 5 to make it as good as it can be – there are a lot of lines to be learnt!! Eventually we will all be joining in the big battle scenes at the end. Some people are working back stage to help with scenery and sell programmes and show people to their seats.

     2 - 6 November 2009 cont

If you get the chance come in and see our new display of Balinese shadow puppet pictures, which is in the main school hall. They are very colourful they are based on Balinese shadow puppet shapes.

Today (Friday) half of our class are at a football and netball tournament at the Warriner School. They are some of our best players. The rest of us are contributing to this class blog as that we can all learn how to type interesting blogs in the future. Cooooooool!!
More next week!! Class 6.

9 - 13 November 2009

This week in English we have been writing scripts for plays, we had to pick out of Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and finally Cinderella. You didn’t have go with the exact story lines, you could put a twist to it, for example you could do a dog instead of a cow in Jack and the Bean Stalk and there were many more things you could have done!!

During the week we also did maths. We learnt about angles of a triangle.           Here are some of the facts we learnt:
  <> The angles in a triangle add up to 180°
  <> A triangle has three angles
  <> There are lots of types of triangles such as Equilateral, right angle and scalene triangles
  <> There are four types of angles obtuse, acute and reflex and neither, neither is exactly 90°
They are all the facts we learnt

We also got to do P.E on Wednesday due to swimming finishing last week, in P.E we started with some dancing, then we did balancing things on our head (bean bags). We also did running and jumping.

We also did music and French, we did the music with our new music teacher Miss Phillips. We were doing the number of beats in a crochet, semibreve, minim and quaver.

Abbie and Gregor

     16 - 20 November 2009

Monday 16th
Today everyone was looking forward to a new week at the school, first thing in the
morning we had ’Basic skills work’ and then maths (Mr. Brigg wrote three numbers on the board and gave us 3 seconds to find the total) in the end a successful lesson. After break we were given our spellings (words ending in: ‘ent’ and ‘ence’). After lunch we completed our work on Australia tourism and then pencil and paper sketches.

Tuesday 17th
First thing in the morning we had assembly (all about peace).Then we where looking at journalistic writing-shared Text extract from Kensuke’s Kingdom. For maths we did a warm-up on the smart board (‘maths whiz’). After lunch some of us went for a rehearsal (Narnia) While the others did Games (Tag rugby/Netball/Hockey).

Wednesday 18th
Today we all went to assembly we are still learning about Peace. And it was birthday day. Prefects gave the house points and everyone went back into the           classroom and filled in our own personal journals for the week. Then we did maths (text book 1 pg 61-63).
After lunch we had ICT (Excel graph work). Then P.E (aerobics and team games).

Thursday 19th
First thing in the morning we went to hymn practice. Then we went our Maths groups with Y5 and after break we did the same but for literacy. After lunch we had French (planning our own weather forecast in French). After that Music (Gamelan presentations, power point).

Friday 20th
Friday was very exciting because the ‘Quiz Club’ people visited school and after lunch we had some special guests (some teachers from dubi).


     23 - 27 November 2009

On Monday we did halving and doubling in maths and problem solving. After play we wrote down our spellings which were based on modern words. Then we did spelling quotations. In history and geography we looked at the formation of Australia. From 2:00 to 3:00 we thought of ideas to make a fairground ride in DT.

We started of the day doing journalistic writing on a news paper report. After lunch we did science learning about micro organisms seeing where they grow best.

I t was DT day until quarter to two, we had to make a fairground rides that moved. After that we did P.E. To warm up we did aerobics and we did team games.

We started off the day doing maths groups which everybody loves. After play we did Literacy groups. After lunch we had French for the first hour and Music after that but some people went out for rehearsals.           Friday
We did circle time first and we had a class discussion. After play we had our spelling and times table test and mental maths test. After lunch we did some handwriting practice and then whole class rehearsal for our Christmas Production.

30 November - 4 December 2009

This week was amazing for many reasons such as rehearsals also we did art which was fun
Maths: We practised converting top heavy fractions to mixed numbers and problem solving. We also did a maths challenge/competition. On Thursday we had maths groups. At the end of the week we had our times tables test.
English: We set our spellings for the week, words ending in �ly� and �ally� e.g. frantically. Our grammar focus this week was using speech marks properly. At the end of the week we had our regular spelling test.
This week we have been working hard on our Australian indigenous and non-indigenous animal work.

     6 - 11 December 2009

This week was a pretty hard week for us, as we started the week with ... Maths tests! It sounds terrible and it was terrible! The rest of the week was based on rehearsals for our latest performance The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, (witch is coming along great!) We also had a really exiting comprehension sheet (not), a shorter writing task and a longer writing task. Thursday was again based on rehearsals and gathering props and costumes for the play and on Friday, the last day for rehearsal, put everything together, the tension is building on the actors!!
Nathan + Matty

11-15 January 2010

This week was the �best�. We had snow on Wednesday but, then were surprised to have all the rest of the week at school following the bad snow.
We were given homework for the whole time we were off school due to the bad weather. Although we did some fun work building an igloo, which was soon knocked down by the Yr 6 boys and a few of the girls.

Unluckily we didn�t get to do games which are one of the highlights of the week, usually.

We also now know the production we�re doing for The Cheltenham Festival which is, Alice in Wonderland. Also we have been doing flashback stories which were very well written by everyone.

In the quiz which you may have heard of, 2 of the year 6 joined with the other KS2 classes and did very well coming 3rd overall. On the same day we did Handwriting and a debate about wearing school uniform.

By Joe Tosh and James Caldwell

     18 - 22 January 2010

This week was fairly challenging doing the practice SATS most of the week! Most of us were glad when we finished on Wednesday. One of the week�s highlights was doing P:E for the first time in a few weeks, dodge ball and team games. We also continued our Victorian project and started a new art topic, William Morris that links to the Victorians!

This week we did groups the whole Thursday morning, followed by French which the girls started the lesson by doing relays in the playground with Mrs. Undrill.

Music was great this week, working in small groups to make our own version of a piece of Gamelan music. We think circle time was important this week as we were discussing the meaning of "Bullying",ended with a lively game of Party Quirks.

This week's Blog was by Ruby and Liam           25 - 29 Janaury 2010

This week year six have been working really hard on this terms art project by a Victorian artist called William Morris.

We have also been working on our new topic the Victorians learning about Queen Victoria has been lots of fun.

In English we were doing information safety pages on mobile phones in cars and computer safety pages, it was lots of fun.

Year six also this week in their computer time, the class ordered equipment, for their imaginary class, but they didn’t really order them!!!

     1 - 5 February 2010

This week we have had our sponsored spell to raise money for our trip to 'Oliver'.
The class is very excited to be going on this trip, and we now have raised £750.00, hopefully we will get enough.

As you may be informed, we are rehearsing our play 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' for the Cheltenham festive. People are working hard to learn their lines. Everyone are looking forwards to this opportunity in the Cheltenham hall, were we all are hoping to win.

During the course of this week, we have been learning about how plants reproduce. Some people found this a bit funny, and were giggling through the lesson. It was very interesting.

During the last few weeks we have been doing practice SATS papers. This has been very tiring and annoying. Some people have been getting very high scores in their practice SATS.           We have been doing William Morris Artwork, and our pictures are now all out in the entrance hall, on display. So please take a look if you have any spare time. All of them are very beautiful. It would be worth looking at.

We have been drawing Victorian Timelines. It was very educational and interesting. We have also been having fun decorating the pages.

School has been great this week. I hope you look forwards to next week's blog.
By Jasmine & Louisa

     8 - 12 February 2010

Well, what a busy week, what with Rehearsals for Alice in Wonderland for the Cheltenham festival and science, it has been very, very, busy. Just ask any Year 6 and you will have something like, “It has been a very busy week and with a final set to stage of our play, we have been working our heads off with sums like;

What is the area of a triangle which has a base line of 3cm and a side length of 9cm?

Our History subject this week is the British Empire is to do with our termly subject, the Victorians, which has been proving very difficult.

With after school choir practice of Joseph’s coat of many colours, and different clubs to go to the week has whizzed by!

Our spellings this week were to do with discussion texts which had fitted our English subject of; you guessed it, discussion texts.

Enjoy the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!           22-26 February 2010

A busy week again! Unfortunately we didn't have an Alice rehearsal! We did discussion text in English (which some of us struggled with!) We did rich Victorian lives and the best presented is going to win a new set of colouring pencils.

Choir is performing Joseph and Technicoloured Dream coat and Mr. Brigg is choreographing the choir cool dance moves to the songs! Every one is really enjoying it.

In maths we are doing conversion graphs which was really exciting and also a bit difficult.

Mr.Brigg is choreographing Sweet Charity and has given us all flyers to come see his play at the Oxford Play House!

In Science we are doing sun, moon, earth it was so fun because we had to do an information page.

By Isobelle and Tom

     1 - 5 March 2010

This week was another busy practice SATs week including maths papers, spellings and comprehension.
We did all our maths papers on Monday and a comprehension on Tuesday which everyone got good marks on. On Tuesday afternoon we did tag rugby with Mr Winter which was good but we spent most of the time practising throwing and catching because some people couldn�t throw or catch very well.

On Wednesday we finished of our budget review sheets and after that we were set another task to find out instructions on how to make a Zoetrope.
The last activity we did was games inside where we would be split into five separate groups and we would have to complete each activity in three minutes. One activity was called �Jumping Jacks� which was exhausting because you had to jump up and down for three minutes.

          On Thursday (which was World Book Day) we read to yr 3 and yr R which was fun because the yr Rs were really interested in the books we read to them.
Some of us had to read to two yr Rs and one yr three, which was challenging because they all wanted to read different books.
We also did our maths and literacy groups in the morning which tested our maths skills.

On Friday morning we did a spelling test and a mental maths test which there were some high marks.
We also did circle time to cover some behaviour issues and also to earn some more film points which we unfortunately didn’t get.

This week was challenging because of the many tests we did and also rewarding because we reached our target for ‘Oliver!’ and fortunately earned enough money to have ice creams during the interval.

Next Wednesday is our trip to see ‘Oliver’ so everyone is very excited.

     8 -12 March 2010

This week was not as busy as last week because we didn�t do any SATs papers.
On Monday we started with maths sheets in the morning until everyone was in and then we did our main maths lesson which was long multiplication methods, Mr Brigg showed us a new method called the grid method which was most popular.
After break we looked at apostrophes in Literacy and where to use them in our writing, we did that until lunch.
After lunch we did History and Geography, Victorian schools and we had to find out different information about what a Victorian school was like. Before the end of the day we did our Georgia O�Keefe project where we had to draw flowers with wax crayons - it's been a long time since we�ve used these!!

On Tuesday we did finishing off work in the morning. After play a nurse came in to talk about puberty. Many children found it quite funny but after a while they settled down a bit. By the end of the session many people wanted to speak to the nurse in private.
In the afternoon we had a go at making a zoetrope which is an early version of a flip book.           On Wednesday we went on our class trip to London to watch 'Oliver' at The Drury Lane Theatre, London When we got there we did a workshop which was very enjoyable because we had to act parts of the production.
After that we had a tour of Central London whilst we ate our lunch. Then we went to watch the amazing production of 'Oliver'. Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the show to begin. It was a very enjoyable show and many people were gob smacked by the performance, it was a very memorable day.

On Thursday the juniors had hymn practice. After that Yr 5 and 6 had their maths groups then went out to play. We didn’t have literacy groups because year 6 wrote a theatre review on our trip to see 'Oliver'’.
In the afternoon we didn't have French because the French teacher wasn’t in school. Mr Brigg let us carry on with our Georgia O’Keeffe pictures until music. Music wasn’t that successful so we ended up having to spend our time practicing being silent.

     8 -12 March 2010/ cont

On Friday we did some finishing off in the morning. After finishing off most things we did circle time which many people sorted out their problems. After play we had out test hour and there were many high marks. After lunch we did a handwriting exercise. From 2-3 o clock we did a rehearsal of our play for the Cheltenham festival ( Alice in Wonderland ).

15 - 19 March

During the week we have been doing a variety of work including poems, Reviews of Oliver! The musical, and creating our own customer satisfaction survey for a made up company some of the companies were called:
  <> Aqua Oceans
  <> Leo�s Lego Shop
  <> Yeevies and Veevies
  <> Toys 4 Fun
  <> Thriller Rides

And finally Mr Brigg�s one:
  <> Winterland frozen foods

Mr Ashworth showed us a new web site it’s a bit like a school version of facebook but the whole class can read your conversations
Tuesday the people in the orchestra practised all day then at the of the day they did a performance to many parents. Musicians from other schools came to practise as well.

Wednesday was as normal starting with English, we did poetry. Then in Maths we found simple percentages/fractions and decimals. Then History, and finally we did P.E, outdoor circuits.

Thursday was like any other- English and Maths groups. In the afternoon we did the usual French and music lessons.

On Friday we did sports relief. We ran/jogged or walked a mile. Well done to everyone who participated. It worked by everybody stopping at their classes stamping table after each lap and getting a piece of paper stamped to prove they have done each lap. After that we went to the village hall and the choir sang star maker for the opening of the village park.
Yours sincerely Gregor & Abbie

     22 - 26 March 2010

This week there have been so many things going on and happening.

This week was yet another practice SAT�s week. Doing both the English and Maths tests. Well done to all who did these tests, as people find them very boring, but are always glad to find out there score.

Sadly though this week for Mr. Brigg his appendix burst but, is hopefully making a good recovery. In the JR hospital.

Year 6 had the chance to see �The Wiz� at the Warriner School. Which everyone thought was excellent, except a few hiccups with the microphones.

We made Dens in the woods but, with some mischief one somehow got knocked down!?! We hope the Year R will enjoy playing and breaking them, which they were built for.           29 March - 1 April 2010

This week was great, apart from the fact that we didn�t have the great 'G.Brigg'.

It was quiet a good week for us. We had quite a simple week the maths was so easy, even Mrs. Marshall said it was to easy for us. 'Adding and Subtracting decimals are too easy'!

Improving story endings is what we did next, we had to start at the end of the story and finish at the beginning.

The Easter service was the same as any other year. Year five told the story of Easter whilst we watched them perform.

Mrs. Marshell set us a pretty easy task for science, we copied down of the board how to look after your teeth, and then drew a diagram of a tooth.

All we have to do now is waiting in anticipation for the residential trip to woodlands.

By Joe Tosh & Peter Taylor

Week Beginning 3rd May 2010

This week was not like any other. With SATS and the Cheltenham festival a nerve-racking 7 days away, revision and rehearsal is vital. Obviously with bank holiday Monday school was closed for us.

Tuesday was started with a Science assessment B, which went on for a long 45 minutes, until play. A relieving DT lesson was up next and the buggy building contest was on! We worked in pairs which were decided from in a hat, and everyone was happy with their pairs. After lunch we had Mr Winter for a games session, playing tip and run cricket with two innings each it was a close game and we all had fun. From 2.00 till 3.00 we rehearsed are Cheltenham extract �Alice in Wonderland� which finished the day off well.

Once again the day was started with a test, but a maths test A and after break was followed by another maths test B accepts we were allowed to use calculator, not as easy as it seems!
          The rest of the day was with Mr Winter doing Cricket in games again and we then started are new art topic Guernica.

The day started with a literacy test, which again went on for another 45 minutes, and then was followed by a shorter writing test and the day was finished by a French and music lesson.

As the day began with our power point presentations and then had circle time. We then had test hour and finished the day off with handwriting, RE and a rehearsal of the Cheltenham play.
By Nathan and Matty

     Week Beginning 10th May

One of the most nerve-raking weeks at Dr.Radcliffe’s school - SATs week, the only two parts that were exciting was the end of the tests and the sugar hits we had all week - this was because Mr Brigg and Mrs Marshall and the parents had arranged for caked or biscuits and juice every morning of the SATs - it gave us an energy boost and was really something to look forward to. SATs started with the longer writing task on Monday which appeared a challenge for many of us! After we had the shorter Writing task & Spelling test which made the day seem dull and long.

After it was a joyful relief to hear some easy Maths ahead which we rolled through, Non calculator or calculator, which most people found easy. My opinion on this SAT’s week was fairly good & on Thursday we took part in the Cheltenham festival and drum-roll please... WE WON! With our extract from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - which I thought was totally original!
We all really hope that we did well in SATs - we’ll have to wait until June to find out!!!
By Tom McRobie
          Week Beginning 17th May
Monday - We started the day with maths; in the middle we had assembly on the carpet in the classroom. After brake we did Geography & history on the 1930�s. Then after lunch we did we did shares continuing from the morning. Then to finish off we did P.E.
Tuesday - We started the day with reading, then we went to assembly, after brake we did a run through of Alice adventures in wonderland. In the afternoon we did rounders, cricket and atlantics.
Wednesday - We started the day with assembly; we finished off our unfinished work. After that was break and then we did origami and everyone was trying to do the bunnies. Then in the afternoon we did P. E.
Thursday - We started the morning finishing off work. Then we had brake. After brake we did the science investigation and we had to write the results in our books. In the afternoon we had French and Music.
Friday - On Friday we started the day with the power points and art. After brake we had circle time and everyone was great. In the afternoon we watched film for lunch. After lunch we did art and computer work. By Ferdinand and Maisie.     

     Week Beginning 8th June

This week, year 6, have been battling the Maypole, getting ready for the summer concert and practicing our roles in Alice in Wonderland, for the big Summer Production.
This Tuesday class 6 were getting ready for the term ahead and were shocked to see, in their places, a gruelling maths sheet to complete. We have also been finishing buggies in D.T, which have been a great success.
Wednesday was the first day of the inter-house games for class 5/6. It was also the day we started practicing Maypole Dancing, doing 2 of the 4 different styles after break time. We also had time to see the first act of Alice in Wonderland which was brilliant.
Thursday was the second day of Inter-house games, which everybody thoroughly enjoyed even the teachers. After lunch we sat down to a great afternoon with French and then a sneak preview of the concert next week. This should be excellent having seen some amazing acts performing.
Friday started off with finishing off our excellent presentations and our other work. We spent the time after break doing the last two Maypole dances, (pretty

          tricky!! But, all turned out nearly tip top perfect.)
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Week Beginning 5th July
One of the hardest working weeks we have ever had. We have been rehearsing over and over 'Alice' to make it perfect for Thursday afternoon and evening for all the people who are going to travel to our school and watch our production. If you haven�t seen the costumes yet then check out the celebration and performance page on the website where you will see the characters!!!
We have been making origami frogs in French (with instructions for folding the paper actually given ion the French language). We have also been learning Mrs. Jones�s leaving song leavers song in music. We went in to the wood for circle time. On Wednesday we went in to the amphitheatre to practicing Alice in wonderland and the girl cricketers fought Hampshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire at the regional finals. On Tuesday we had inter-house tug of war. On Monday we had to start working and researching on how America got involved in the World War 2.
By Jessica. Soraya. Faith.