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26 September
This week we have been preparing for the harvest festival. Singing songs and bringing in food. We have had the birthdays of Jacob and Tyler, they liked their jelly babies.

Year six has been learning about Aboriginal people from Australia and doing some of the art styles, also doing biographies of the people who sit next to us. Everybody has found out a lot more things about the class. We have also ben doing Passive and Active constructions. Also connectives and descriptions of magical characters.

In maths we have been learning about calculator activities and solving large numbers.

We have learnt that Mr Brigg is a very good teacher and likes to have a laugh (when it is appropriate).

In science we have been learning about different adaptations for plants and animals in different places.

This week's blog is by Charlotte & Grace

     6 October
The birthdays this week were James, Harry, Nathan and Clara.

This week many clubs happened with great success. The hand chimes began on Tuesday, along with football and country dancing after school. On Wednesday the Spanish club met for the second time. After school the choir began songs for the candlelight service (the Christmas service). On Thursday application forms went out for a three week course on electric guitar, bass guitar, vocals, drums and keyboard.
Orchestra began working on a medley of songs from West Side Story.

Friday was a mad day for class six. In circle time Lauren was having water poured over her head by Alex, who was pretending to be a tap. Aisling, on the other hand, was running away from everyone pointing at their feet and screaming her head off. Meanwhile, Adam was shouting at people being an F1 commentator, (not the best commentator I've ever seen).


          This week in English Year six have been doing autobiographies on a school memory or a collection of memories. They ranged from their first day of school to our residential trip to Kilvrough.

In Science we were doing food chains and in D.T. (design and technology) we planned out our ideas for a moving fairground ride.

In maths the few people who would like to enter the Able Mathematicians contest have been practicing, hoping to test their skills against those from other schools.

This Blog was written by Adam and Eddie

     13 October
Over the week Year 6 have been doing some exciting and fun things.

On Monday they were learning about fractions and had to do fraction pictures. Later on in maths they learnt how fractions decimals and percentages are linked. They also learnt about Captain Cook and his voyage to Australia and the route he took round the world to get there.
On Tuesday Lucy had to play the part of Princess Michal in assembly while Mr Brigg was the narrator.

This week Cherwell moved into first place on the house points competition. Year 5 and 6 games session was cancelled because of heavy rain. Wednesday was a surprise of a day as there was no birthdays from the whole school. Class 6 went swimming and Lauren, Theo and Lewis joined their new groups, as they had passed their swimming test the other week.           Thursday class 5 and 6 had maths and English groups where they had to write poems on 'work' as it was National Poetry Day.

The afternoon was packed with French, learning about animals and playing games, Music, playing Indonesian music, and R.E learning about Islam.

Friday held in store art, which was painting misty mountains. It was great fun and Mr Brigg is quoted as saying:

"Everybody did a great job and I can't wait to show their parents what great artists they all are"

For their Friday film club the class chose the Simpson movie to watch. In the afternoon they finished off their micro-organisms science work before doing quiz club to decide who will be going to the regional Quiz Club finals.

We will update you with the results next week.

Many thanks James and Lucy - (with a little help from Charlie!)

7 October
On Monday ...
We did Maths on a sheet with graphs. In English we wrote down the spellings in our List books followed by writing out sentences in our English books based on what the mean. After lunch we did History about Crime and Punishment and when the first convicts were sent to Australia and how killing them for more crimes didn't work as well as the old English lawmakers thought.

Tuesday ...
In the morning we did finishing off on various things. After assembly we did Maths on ratios and proportions and the final test for choosing the kids for the Able Mathematicians. In English we did poems about nature being described by things to do with nature based on a poem called "The Sea". After Lunch we did Science and did games.

Wednesday ...
We had assembly followed by doing Maths, the normal ratios and proportions. After lunch we did More history.
          Thursday ...
We started off with Hymn practice then went off to Maths and Literacy groups. In the afternoon we did French, music and R.E.

On Friday ...
We did finishing off all morning and had a record amount, for this class at least, of film points.


     10 November
On Monday we learnt about Captain Arthur Phillip's first fleet to Australia carrying 736 convicts, and about what life was like for the criminals - what jobs they had to do and the punishments that they were given and what it was like on the ships. One interesting fact that we learnt was that at the bottom of the ship were the bilges where all the waste matter would end up - after months at sea this would have been so rancid that some people would pass out just from the smell!!!

We also began a week's work on coordinates in maths. We learnt how to translate and rotate shapes within the first quadrant and then all four quadrants.
On Tuesday we did maths and literacy, in literacy we transcribed Shakespearean text into modern language from the script of Twelfth Night. We had Mrs Ledger in the afternoon and we did science and we focused on the weak spots of our practice SATs papers In games (games is really fun) we are split in to groups, netball, tag rugby and hockey.

On Wednesday we did finishing off our literacy. Then we had assembly.
          In maths we worked on coordinates. In the afternoon class 6 went on their last swimming session at Spiceball. There, most people did tests and after that we just played in the pool.

On Thursday we had hymn practice. Then we did maths and literacy groups with class five. In the afternoon the able mathematicians went off to St Edwards school in Oxford to do a competition. The blue team, (Benedict and Rebecca) came 3rd in their group. And the red team, (Harry.P. and James.T.) came 6th in their group.(They all did very well, as they beat lots of private schools including The Dragon.) In the afternoon for the rest of the class, we had French, R.E. and Music.

On Friday we had circle time and we played a game called the people that swim in the pool - we also learnt about peer mediation and how to resolve disputes in the playground. After break time we had a test hour where we did spellings, times tables and maths sheets. In the afternoon we had a rehearsal for our Christmas production: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

This blog was written by Chloe and Harry

     14 November
On Monday we had a DT Day and we made Fair-ground rides out of different materials and we used a glue gun. We built different mechanisms for our designs. We showed the class how we built the models and how the mechanisms worked.

On Tuesday, 2 of our class pupils took part in Quiz Club Final which was held in our very own hall. We also wrote a playscript titled "My Worst Day At School".

On Wednesday we converted Shakesperean text into a story. We did ICT doing budget sheets using an Excel Spreadsheet .We also did an aerobics class with Mr Brigg.

On Thursday we did groups like every Thursday. Then we did RE with Mrs Marshall about Islam. Then we did French about food with Mrs Undrill then Music with Mrs Westworth - Gamelan Rhythms.

On Friday we did Circle Time and we played games. Then we did a rehearsal. After lunch we did test hour. Then we did a class debate about Sexism - "Do you think girls and boys should be taught separately at school as evidence shows that single sex classes achieve better results". The homework that we got was a comprehension and a maths sheet.

By Charlotte and Lauren

21 November
On Monday we started the day with some maths sheets about area and perimeter.

Later we looked at complex sentences that start with connective which we all enjoyed. In the afternoon we did history and geography about how the different states were added to Australia and why.

Later in the afternoon we did some art work where we looked at nature magazines and books and then we drew them into our art books in pen. Mr Brigg drew a big gorilla on the white board.

On Tuesday we started on some journalistic writing based on Kensuke's Kingdom.

Later we did some more work on area and perimeter. In the afternoon our subject was science and we learnt about circuits and plants.

Later in the afternoon we went outside to play games, our choices were hockey, netball or football.

          On Wednesday we finished our work on journalistic writing based on Kensukes Kingdom.

Later we continued with our maths work based on area and perimeter. In the afternoon we did some work in the computer suite.

Later we went into the hall to do some very sweaty aerobics.

On Thursday we did many very interesting things such as maths groups and writers workshop.

In music we played some Gamelan music with Mrs. Westworth and R.E. with Mrs. Marshall.

On Friday we gathered to have circle time and learned a bit more about Peer Mediation. This week we were lucky enough to not have to do test hour. In the afternoon we did a rehersal with star actor Gabriel.

This week's blog was done by Aaron.

     28 November
The birthdays this week were Tom, Harry, Natalie and Miss Mathias.

On Tuesday we started the morning off with an assembly and the house points this week went Evenlode, then Cherwell in second place was Isis and in first place with 36 points was Windrush.

The afternoon was hectic with games first then we had a rehearsal of our Christmas production Snow White and the 7 jockeys ( 9 including the 2 cousins).

On Wednesday we started the day off with some long multiplication. It was roast dinner day today the meat was lamb with mint sauce.

In the afternoon we took part in an aerobics lesson. We also had another rehearsal.           On Thursday we usually had maths groups but today we didn't have them today and we studied some long multiplication with Miss Marshall But we had writers' workshop.

In the afternoon we had French and R.E. but today we didn't have music but took part in the big siing - this was a national event with choirs and children all over the country singing together to break the record for most people singing at the same time.

On Friday we took part in circle time we studied some more peer mediation. After break we had our weekly test hour and after lunch we rehearsaed again this time we managed to run the whole show from beginning to end and when the Jockeys had finally got their dance right everyone gave them a big cheer.

This Week's Blog was written by Finnbar and Bob (a.k.a. Robert).

     5 December
On Monday class 6 had begun to learn about explanation and information texts, they learnt that these sort of texts need to begin with a general statement or topic sentence � this introduces the article. We also practised using speech marks correctly. They then used these skills to write about an animal of their own choice.

Throughout the course of the week we have been recording, the choir singing, the orchestra playing and the junior children singing in Hymn practice � this is because we were making a CD to sell at the Christmas fair. After we had finished recording Mrs Westworth realised that she hadn�t turned on the microphones so we had to rerecord the whole session!!

In history and geography this week we studied the non-indigenous animals of Australia and how they have destroyed the Australian bush (country side) and how some animals such as the dingo have adapted to fit into food chains. We also found out some information on deadly Australian animals.           Year R have been busy rehearsing for their nativity play ‘Mary’s Knitting’. KS1 have also been working hard on ‘Donkey for Sale’. Reception also got the chance to watch Year 5 and 6 rehearsing for Snow White.

For Friday film club we carried on watching The Wizard of Oz – this in preparation for our visit to London to see the musical ‘Wicked’. Next week we are looking forward to seeing ‘Sleeping Beauty’ at the Oxford Playhouse, which one of our former pupils and winner of last year’s performing arts award is in.

This week's blog has been contributed to by the whole class.

     12 December
This week is the last week of the clubs as next week it is the candlelight service and the year six play, also it will be the last week of term. There will be no Orchestras, art club, choir, country dancing or any other clubs.

The choir have been practising for the candlelight service (the Christmas service), also the orchestra will be playing their Christmas Bonanza.

It has been a strange week as there has been an early lunch nearly everyday. Monday in our opinion was the best day as KS2 travelled to Oxford Playhouse to watch Sleeping Beauty, which one of our former pupils were in, whilst KS1 stayed at school to watch their own pantomime of Dick Whittington. We had an early lunch on Wednesday because it was the year 1 & 2’s play. Thursday we had an early lunch because it was the foundation class’s play which was called “Mary’s Knitting”.

Class six had a sponsored maths test, raising money for their trip to the Apollo Victoria to see Wicked. We will also be going to the globe theatre to do a workshop.
          Two people got full marks, they were Lucy W and Eddie (well done to them!). Class six will be doing more fundraising building up to the show they are going to see (that is if they raise enough money).

Parts of Thursday and Friday were integrated days, which means Mr Brigg puts some tasks on the board and we need to do a mixture of all of them. We were working on Australia’s deadliest animals, finding information on them and sticking it in our History & Geography books. Also we researched and collected our own information on a state of our choice. We were finishing off our cartoon extensions, and we were doing Theatre Reviews and Imaginary Programme Biography’s in our Literacy books.

We have had a fun week and so has the rest of the school. Although there has been a terrible bug going around. Most people enjoyed themselves.

This week's blog was done by James T, Theo and Rebecca.

     9 January 2009
There were no clubs this week. But they are going to start next week. This week Class R has had their first day of lunches at school.

On Tuesday Class six started work on section writing adventure stories like they used to before computer game adventures. Before that we had assembly. In mathematics we started Divisibility, writing down tips and helpful facts. In the afternoon we studied science, about the parts of the flower and how the seeds are carried around.

We carried on doing the section work adventure stories. After assembly we did mathematics, working from the abacus books. Also the new Mrs Brown's maths group worked out of the Maths Express Maths Book. After lunch in the afternoon we worked on P.E, on the climbing frames. There were different activities we had to work through. They included climbing ropes and vaulting over the vaulting horse. After we had finished that session, we had ICT, finishing off the work we started 2 terms ago! Quite a lot of people finished that activity.           Thursday
The juniors had hymn practise, afterwards we started our new maths groups. Six people had moved up to Mrs Brown�s new maths group. We finished the maths groups and went out to play. Then carried on and started our Literacy groups. They weren�t changed so much. We had lunch and then we began R.E. Finishing off the Islam topic we were doing. Then came French, we played games and learnt about the days of the week. Afterwards came music, it brought along a lot of surprises, along with our new music folders. Our homework is to decorate a front cover for it.

We only just managed to get enough film points, thanks to the circle time which gave us a lot of film points, enough to have film club. We watched Mamma Mia, but we didn�t have enough time to watch it all.

This weeks blog was done by Lewis, Rebecca and James.L.

     23 January 2009
Through this exciting week year 6 have been working on a range of different activities.

Class 6 started practising their SATs which included a challenging maths paper on Monday followed by mental maths. In the afternoon they worked on Queen Victoria�s accession and coronation where they had to rewrite her diary in their own words. In between 2-3 �o�clock they enlarged chosen sections of paintings by William Morris.

Tuesday started with an assembly based on �Perseverance� � which was the whole school theme of the week. Soon after class 6 were concentrating on a practice English comprehension, afterwards maths paper B and science paper A. Then, later in the afternoon classes 5 and 6 got to do games, a subject more relaxing for the brain!

Assembly started Wednesday off, doing more perseverance with Mrs. Brown, the Headteacher. That was quickly followed by a shorter and longer writing task. Science paper B followed in its footsteps. Then they had an I.C.T session prior to P.E.           Hymn practice was Thursday’s first subject. Maths groups came next, before English groups, nearly everyone’s favourite! After a delicious lunch it was time for music with Mrs. Westworth, French with Mrs.Undrill, and R.E with the highly trained Mrs Marshall.

And finally Friday came- everyone loves Friday, don’t they? In the morning Class 6 continued with their work on Queen Victoria’s accession and coronation. Soon after they started circle time they had Mr. Winter come in to see what class 6 do in circle time. At the end of circle time class 6 got to play the famous ‘shoe game’, a game were they do a rhythm and passed their shoes round the circle. Some unfortunate people ended up with a shoe shop! After break class 6 had a spelling test about the underwater creatures defence forms. At lunch time class 6 watched Over the Hedge. It’s about some animals that go over a hedge in search food after waking up from hibernation and finding their forest destroyed and in its place a load of manmade houses.

So in the end class 6 had a very exciting week!

     23 January 2009/ cont

Thank you to A, for cutting off his Jedi braid during circle time to raise money for class 6’s trip to London to see ‘WICKED’, in total raising over £100.00!

Also, welcome back to Jacob, who has been off school for two weeks with a broken arm.

By Anna, James.L. and Theo


          30 January 2009

A BIG thank you to everyone who sponsored me money to chop off my braid in order to go to London with the rest of Class 6 to have a workshop at the Globe Theatre and to see �Wicked� the Musical.
The Braidless Boy (A)


         30 January 2009

On Monday we got are practise S.A.Ts marks and everyone did really well. In English we were writing fact sheets on mobile phones and driving. In History we did a timeline of Queen Victoria’s life and William Morris art work. After school there was gym.

On Tuesday we did some more work on mobile phones and driving and we started work on computer safety. We did a quiz on top heavy fractions and mixed numbers.
In games we did hockey, netball and tag rugby. After school there was drama club.

On Wednesday we did a loop game in maths and we studied proportion. We had to pick three children to go to a debate at Deddington School in the end we chose Ben Lucy.s and Aaron congratulations to them. We then did a circuit in P.E. After school many children went to choir.           

On Thursday we did 50 questions in a quiz and we were weighed and measured. In English we wrote a form of Japanese poetry called haiku. In the afternoon we finished off Islam in R.E. In music we wrote our own pieces of music and then performed them. After school there was drama and orchestra.

On Friday we had circle time and we practised our peer mediation and we played some games. We were then tested on our spellings and times tables. Then we watched over the hedge and men in black 2.  after lunch the class relaxed wile doing handwriting.. Then we did our first rehearsal of twelfth night. Last of all we had a class debate on weather we should have a royal family, what do you think?

Rona and Grace

      13 February 2009
We are in the last week to go till half-term the whole school have been busy.

This week has been environmental and international week, year 6 has been doing France for the international part

Monday, Class 6 started on their environmental projects. For are environmental project Class 6 have been given the chance to choose what we do to help out. There were many ideas such as: James and Lucy W came up with the idea of producing a power point presentation of which would tell people about the environment and France all in one, whilst Aaron and Harry T decided to go digging through the trash and then they would produce seven power points (one for each class), telling them about how they could of disposed of their rubbish. There were many more ideas.

On Tuesday the whole school went into assembly lead by Mr. Ashworth whom told us about the story of the hare and the tortoise. It was a very interesting story about how the little tortoise had to persevere and successfully defeated the           
hare in the forests race. During of which Mr. Ashworth made some very funny sounds that made most of the people in the hall laugh (including some of the teachers). Later we went on to learn about arguemental texts, we did practice SATs to help us. In the afternoon drama club was running.

Wednesday, everyone in class 6 carried on with their working on their environmental and international work. After break we began working in maths books. In the afternoon year 6 carried on with their ceroc dancing.

Friday year 6 opened their Bring and buy sale to the whole school and parents. They had Friday film club, they watched men in black 2.

James L

27 February 2009
This week we had a very exciting time. The main reason was that on Wednesday we travelled to London for a Globe Theatre workshop of the Twelfth Night. A woman, who worked at the new Globe Theatre, did the workshop with us, gave us tips on acting followed by a short tour of the Globe. Later on, we had Lunch with another school, in a room that was later used as another workshop room. So we spent 15minuets in a very expensive gift shop, in the Globe.

But the most exciting part of our London trip was going to watch a musical in the Apollo Victoria Theatre called Wicked, which tells the story of the witches of Oz. Most of the class were lucky enough to buy a program to remember the trip by. We then watched the musical, star performances all round. As one person said “Far better than computer games!”

On Thursday (the day after our London trip) Jacob had his cast removed and returned to school the next day. Meanwhile the rest of the class did pictures, writing tasks (are people born wicked or do they become wicked) and maths work based on Wicked.           
All of the pictures and work would go up on display in the Entrance Hall. In the afternoon, the class finished off our R.E topic of Islam and moved on to a new one for Easter. It looks set to be the best R.E topic we have had. Mrs Marshall explained that we would have to work in groups for the task. On Friday we finished off the work we had started the day before. We got 176film points and watched High School Musical 3.

By Benedict and Aisling

     6 March 2009

During the week we have been busy bees because we have been practicing for are S.A.Ts. We are all aiming for a level five.

On Tuesday we had two ladies from the wild waste show to talk to us about recycling. The next time we saw them was on Wednesday and made boxes out of recycled greetings cards.

On Thursday we read books to the year threes because of course it was World Book Day.

Also we have been practicing for our Cheltenham Festival entry Behind Closed Doors which will include a ceroc dance routine, instruments, singing and poetry.

We were also doing some presentations from our plan, do, review from our international/environmental week.

We have also been doing more work on Victorians. Comparing and contrasting the differences between the lives of rich and poor children. Such as poor children working in mines and rich children being sent off to boarding school.

Blog by Amy

     13 March 2009

We started the week by learning about the difference between the lives of rich and poor children in Victorian times, and about what type of jobs they would have had to do. Then we wrote down a compare and contrast page looking at things which were similar between the rich and the poor, and which things were completely different.

In English we have studied the many different types of children’s poems. We searched the internet on our new laptops to look at some interesting children’s poems that we liked. Then we printed them off and decorated them with pictures, words and phrases we liked about them.

Throughout the week we have been practicing the ceroc dance routine for our Cheltenham Festival entry which is called ‘Behind Closed Doors.’           On Thursday we did the usual groups, in the afternoon, at lunch, we watched ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ This was for R.E as we are going to compare the similarities shared with the film and the Easter Story. After our film we did music, where we studied Blues music. At 3 O’clock we found out who had got into our Rock band. Well done to the drummers Charlie and Lauren, our lead guitarist Robert and guitarist Adam, our bass guitarist Anna, and singers Alex and Keziah and last but not least the keyboard player Rebecca.

Towards the end of the great week we finished off some of our William Morris work, and then we did circle time. After break we did our test hour.

Overall it has been a great week.

This week’s blog has been written by Harry P, Lauren and Chloe.

     20 March 2009

Throughout the week we have been doing different activities.
During the day of Monday we started the day with a maths sheet. Then we did work on different maths skills, like measuring angles. We also worked on sums on the board. After break we were collecting words for the weeks spellings, and we also had to start writing a Customer Satisfaction Survey for our persuasive writing topic.

On Tuesday, in English, we were pretending that we were the owner of a shop. Then we filled them in but as a different person. In the afternoon we did science, in science we were building circuits. After that we went outside for games and we did tournaments, Cherwell beat Isis in tag rugby and Windrush beat Cherwell in the other tag rugby match. Meanwhile Evenlode beat Windrush and in the other match Evenlode and Isis drew with 2 points each.

On Wednesday we used the new school laptops in pairs and created Curriculum Vitae. We also did a rehearsal for the           Cheltenham festival which classes six and class five are competing against each other. After that we had a match of non-stop cricket with Mr.Winter.

On Thursday we did groups as usual which are maths and English. At lunch time we had visitors from other schools for the year two singing day so we all ate lunch in our class rooms. After lunch we had R.E and we finished Narnia the film because we were comparing it to the Easter story. Then we had French and we were carrying on with our book plans, for our French books which we will hopefully be reading to younger classes. We normally have music because Mrs. Westworth was caught up in the year two singing day.

On Friday we had circle time. In circle time we did games and sentence stems. After break we did test hour. In film club we could have watched the end of High School Musical 3 but those in favour of going outside was greater than those who wanted to watch the film. But we still stayed in the class room to eat. After lunch we did handwriting and finished of the day with a game of cricket.
By Lauren and Charlotte.

     1 April 2009
Monday kicked off with some work on our William Morris designs, sketches and wallpaper. After that we went on to do our science paper for our Practice SATs in preparation for the real SATs that we will be taking in May. After lunch we went outside and played a good game of cricket. Everyone really, really enjoyed this. Later we went on to do yet another enjoyable activity, a rehearsal of our Cheltenham Festival entry �Behind Closed Doors�

On Tuesday the first thing that we did was assembly. During which Mr. Winter told us a story about how Jesus sacrificed himself for the human race. Later we went on to do our English shorter writing task also in preparation for our SATs. Later on in the afternoon we went out side for games, it was a huge amount of fun. We did the inter house netball and tag rugby tournament�s.

On Wednesday we had a very interesting assembly run by Steven M�caw, all about Easter we then had the Birthdays. Afterwards we did the last part of the English test, the comprehension. Just after lunch we did educational games on           
the laptops/computers. Finally we did our rehearsal for our Cheltenham Festival entry ‘Behind Closed Doors’

On Thursday the first thing that we did was Hymn Practice with Mrs. Westworth. We were practicing for our Easter Service. Then we did one of our Maths papers, everyone scored high marks. Mr. Brigg was pleased that we had learnt from his teachings. In writers workshop we looked at diary writing. Later we had R.E. with Mrs. Marshall, followed by music with Mrs.Westworth. Then we had French. And that was the end of Thursday.

First thing in the morning we had some time to finish off any work that had not yet been completed. Followed by Maths paper B. We planned to have circle time but the SATs paper ran over the time we had for circle time. So we didn’t have that. In the afternoon we had handwriting practice. Followed by a rehearsal of ‘Behind Closed Doors’. Followed by a great game of cricket.

By Aaron and Abi

     1 May 2009

On Monday we started another round of SATs practices (science paper A and B) as it is only about 2 weeks away in the afternoon we started working on the causes of the Second world War 2 and then we practiced our Cheltenham festival entry.

On Tuesday we did the longer and shorter writing task and we started a D.T. task of building and designing a buggy for a race we are going to have at the end of the year.

On Wednesday we did the reading comprehension paper and in the afternoon we did our ICT project on our famous person.

On Thursday we did the mental maths test and maths paper A in the afternoon we did an hour of French and R.E there was no music because Mrs Westworth was ill.


On Friday we did maths paper B and after break we did a rehearsal and a game of bakers dozen we watched Lord of the Beans at lunch time in the afternoon we did a class debate and more of our D.T. project.

By Robert Sansom

8 May 2009

This week was shorter than normal with the May day bank holiday, so all the classes had to work extra hard to catch up on the day they missed. This being the week before the SATS year six worked on all the areas they find difficult.

This term all the assemblies are based on the theme of trust, on Tuesday the assembly was led be Mr Brigg (class six teacher) and he demonstrated trust be getting two children from class five to guide each other round the hall with one person blind-folded. The prefects had collected the house points and announced to the school that Windrush had come first with twenty points, Isis with fifteen points in second, Cherwell came third, and Evenlode came fourth with five points.

Class six then did a practise twenty minute writing task about a school sports day. The idea was to use as much description as possible. In the afternoon Class six did a rehearsal on their entry for Cheltenham Festival, before doing rounders.


On Wednesday classes five and six performed their Cheltenham Festival entries to the school and any parents who wanted to watch. The cello group, taught by Sarah Bourn Tailor, also performed to the school. Afterwards class six did another writing task, this time forty-five minutes. The task this time was to write a letter of complaint to your local county council who are planning to build a housing estate on the village's wooded area.

During the afternoon class six got time on the computers to work on their power-points on famous people. After this they played a great game of cricket!


15 May 2009

This week it was class six�s SATS week, there have been tests everyday from Monday to Friday. We have missed all of this week�s assemblies and hymn practices, so we do not know what the information given out was.

This week�s SATS tests included: Science Test A, Science Test B, Longer Writing Task, Shorter Writing Task, Spelling Test, Reading Comprehension, Mental Maths Test, Maths Test A, Maths Test B.

In all of the afternoons we have had fun, games, D&T, French, R.E.

The highlight of the week was year 5 and 6 travelling to Cheltenham Festival. The end results were Class 6 got first place and Class 5 got second place. Everyone is very happy with this.

We are all glad that the end of the year SATS tests are over and we are looking forward to the weeks left at Dr Radcliffe�s Primary.

Rebecca           18 June 2009

On Monday, everyone was very tired from Woodlands. It was a hard week, and most of the children had a late night. We started the day off with some work in our Geography skills book. They took care in making everything precise and tidy. We then started learning about the Holocaust, how cruel Hitler was to lots of people, killing 9-11 million people.

On Tuesday, we chose the summer king and queen. Congratulations to Adam Bradley (summer king), and Lucy Staig (summer queen). We also started writing in our history books about the Holocaust and finishing our made-up evacuee diaries. In the afternoon, we learnt three of our maypole dances for summer dance day.

On Wednesday, we had an integrated day, which is when we had a list of work to complete, and we got to choose what order we did them in and how long we did them for. In the afternoon we carried on, but we were supervised by Mrs. Durbin.

     18 June 2009/ cont

On Thursday, we had another integrated day, but the tasks slightly varied from the day before. We had to write our own end-of-year reports (but, of course, they weren’t the real ones!). We had Mrs. Durbin again in the afternoon. We didn’t have French or R.E but we still had music with Mrs. Westworth. We worked on our blues piece.

On Friday, we had yet another integrated day. The tasks were almost the same as Thursday, but Mr. Brigg added in our own creations of Picasso’s Geurnica picture. In the afternoon we played cricket.

By Anna and Theo

10 July 2009

This week we did various activities, the most important being Infant and Junior Sports Day, and the Choirs’ ‘Oliver’ production.
On Tuesday morning, the field was set up for infant Sports Day. There were many stations such as the one with a balancing beam. Windrush won Infants Sports Day.           In the afternoon, the Junior Sports Day was supposed to take place, but it was rained off as it was about to begin. So, it was rescheduled for Wednesday morning. The weather was good on Wednesday, and the Sports Day was won by Cherwell, as well as the Morris Cup, which is a race done by the fastest of each class of each house running a lap around the field, passing a baton to the next runner.
The rules were slightly change for the ski race, and whoever crossed the finish line first, won, and depending on the other teams places on the track, the were given their place. This was to speed things up.
On Thurs night, the Choir performed their production ‘Oliver’. It was a success, and performed very well. It was performed to the school and a separate day. As well as all this, children in Year 3 performed a part of ‘The BFG’ by Roald Dahl.
It was originally meant to be performed on Wednesday at Assembly, but Sports Day stopped it from happening. It was very funny and was Rehearsed and acted with no help from Mrs. Smit. The children made the masks and got the costumes together by themselves.

By Aisling and Benedict.