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This week’s blog: 17-01-2020


This week has been assessment week so we have all worked really hard and tried our best to improve on our previous results.

We had a great time doing the ‘B. SPACE’ activity in the library, we wrote on a piece of paper with a felt tip, dipped it in water and it disappeared!

During PE this week we played netball which was really fun until it rained. On Thursday we played indoor multisport which was taught by Mr Fane (our year five teacher).

We also started our new topic work on London which is great fun, we started with are contents page which is full of things we’ll learn about London during the year. We then started our London landmarks page.

Also in computing we starting designing our own websites, this involved planning our own home page, what’s on, theatres and places to stay. Later on, we will start our project on power point.

Written by Pixie and Lily